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You would have to know the program is running.
So no sneak factor would be possible in that respect.
Plus, possibly, setting the 'flash cards' on a timer,
never heard of a random timer, but it could be here somewhere.

For a program like that, I'd have the user set a minimum and maximum time between displays, then each time it is displayed, I'd calculate a new time inside of that interval.

Yes - that's what I was thinking of here - the question selection is 'random' (selecting from a list of possible questions that I can input) and the timing is based on 'not within a minimum period' but 'not exceeding a maximum period'. For example, a question is posed within say 15 and 45 minute intervals (not evenly spaced)...

Depending on whether I get a question right or wrong I then mark the question in some way that then impacts on how frequently that same question is asked. If I answer a question correctly it goes to the bottom of the list and gets asked again perhaps three or four days later.

Thanks for the discussion about this guys!

I have not tried this but it may be a help.

Thank you - although it's quite a nice little flash card program it doesn't have the 'sneak' factor I'm looking for - like someone asking you a random question out of the blue without any warning!

With most flash card programs you have to start the program and begin a set period of study.I think what I want is something that can surprise you with a question - little bit like a pop-up notes reminder.


A couple of people here know that my background is actually nursing. I'm about to start a new course that will mean learning a lot of information by heart (boring, repetitive, but it has to be done). I need a program that will throw pop-ups onto the screen at random intervals asking a question and demanding an answer - like a cross between sticky notes and educational flash cards. I would like to configure it to NOT ask questions that I am happy with - but instead, to repeat questions I am less familiar with.

I already use Anki - a flash card program. However, this does not have the ability to randomly ask a question on screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions - have done all the usual background search and come up with zero!

Help needed!!! :)

Living Room / Re: Microsoft buying skype for US $8.5 Billion
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And here's the Microsoft acquisition diagram:

(too big!)

As easy to understand as a London Tube Map!

I was told about a program called SuperNotecard. has anyone tried it? care to share your opinion on it ?

Yes, I have a license for this...lovely clean layout, many functions. Thing is, I love it but have never used it properly! Has always struck me as being strict in imposing a kind of methodology of writing (blocks that you can mix and match) rather than the freestyle offered by something like WriteMonkey (that I do actually use). SuperNotecard had an unusual name to begin with - think it was Miss Lonely Notes - then they changed it to SuperNotecard. Just a random piece of interest there...

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