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Fantastic, thanks for the quick reply. No rush!

I am an avid user of open source software and so the development of the applications I use is of concern to me. Due to the nature of open source applications, there are many alternatives for a type of program, but many of these alternatives are just side projects for the developers and eventually abandoned. FARR is great but has not received a stable update for nearly a year. I almost didn't try FARR because the homepage says the latest release was the current version was Jan. 7, 2013--I had to dig deeper and realize that the actual date of release was Nov 29, 2013 according to the thread on the releases of FARR and that Jan. 7, 2013 was not the correct date.

My question now is: Is FARR still being actively developed? I used Keybreeze before but Keybreeze 4 has been in beta for over 2 years so I had to make a switch. I realize that the community is still somewhat active, but that means little if the development itself has stopped or come to a crawl.


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