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@DmitriPopov, that's sort of what I want but I need it for, let's say, autohotkey, not batch files. Understand what I mean? Your app works with windows batch commands graphically but batch commands don't make radio buttons, drop down list boxes, etc. That's what I need, those widgets dragged and dropped on a form, then right click any widget and see a form with all the options for that widget. Fill in the form and now when I run the compiled app it does the command I chose in the form. No looking up command syntax's, much faster.

Along with Neobook, here is the closet to what I want, only app in the world that I have found that can create a gui quickly without knowing any programming language, but still not drag/drop, you have to write the xml code, but it can be copied/pasted into your app. If something like this can be made using drag/drop and choosing commands with dropdown choices it would be awesome.

Thanks for the tips guys. @4wd, yes that's what I'm after sort of. Let's say I want to use autohotkey. I have used a gui creator like I said above, but I have to refer to the autohotkey manual to fill in the code to do actions after the gui creator creates the code for the widgets only. What I want is a gui creator that has every single autohotkey command written in it's code so that I can right click a widget and have a drop down menu appear with every single autohotkey command listed there within a specific category like "file commands", "network commands", etc. Using autohotkey or any language currently you have to look up the code in a help file, I want all that built into forms to fill in so syntax errors hardly ever occur unless you fill in the form incorrectly. So it's basically putting all the commands into forms to fill out and not write code, the gui will take the form info and create the code for you. Way less chance of errors and a lot faster, unless you program for a living and know all the commands and syntax in your head which this request is not for. I found only one app that does this, it's called Neobook but it's $200, but it does what I describe above. Do you think it could be done or is it just too time consuming to translate code commands into forms?

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Generic windows command line gui builder
« on: September 10, 2016, 12:34 AM »
I'm not a coder obviously but have used autohotkey to make a gui I need for a cli program. It would be nice to have a generic gui builder that allows radio button groups, edit and drop down lists, etc. and that's about it. What I would really like is to be able to graphically choose options for any of these gui widgets by right clicking on these widgets, not typing in code. So for instance if I select a radio group to place on the form, place it, right click it, and fill in the radio button name/command line for each button, done. So it's basically using forms instead of writing code, which prevents a lot of looking up autohotkey (for instance) syntax for all commands which is major time consuming especially if I make a gui once a year. I have to start from scratch again, but with the form asking me what to fill in, it's a lot faster.

I found this thread thru google so I installed Carbon but I don't get the correct start page. I added a new issue on github. Please take a look.

Great App. My home page does not work- I'm sure the hyphen is the problem because the app wants to go to Any tips to fix it?

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