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Developer's Corner / Re: A plugin based information bar in Windows
« on: January 02, 2010, 11:01 AM »
I have released a new version. I added Google Calendar support in Event Progress. And it's also possible to change where the settings are saved.

I'm big fan of Open Source and I have considered it... but I'm not very organized and there would be a lot of cleanup of code to do this and I don't have that time. However if there is anything that you would like to know more about I will do what I can to help out.

Looking forward to seeing it live, I will be setting up a 3rd party plugin page on my site and I could give you FTP access to upload it. Or do you have another suggestion of distribution? My site will evolve more towards "normal" users once it gets more stable.

Looks good, have you started putting it together?

I have managed to put in the feature of recursive directories in Launcher. I have a problem with the icons, once I fix that I will release it. And I'm considering making the recursive directories optional.

When you get it up and running I would love to see a S.M.A.R.T status warning if a hard drive is failing.

Are you planning on having each "battery" as it's own spot on the bar or a dropdown list with bars and the favorite/main drive one the bar?

That shouldn't be too difficult...

In the plugin create a new UserControl, not a Control. In the XAML of the new UserControl you can design your layout with any types of controls that you need. In the code-behind create properties for value, minimum, maximum or whatever you need to pass to the control.

In the plugin, place a WrapPanel which will align the new instances automatically from left to right. Make sure you remove width and height for the WrapPanel and width for the UserControl.
Instantiate a new UserControl and add it as a child in the WrapPanel. If the content is cut off, the play around with Margin on the controls.

Instance of battery UserControl

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