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I think this came up before -- a request to get rid of that special "Ok, you've selected an object.  Now what?" dialog that is shown ONLY after performing an OBJECT capture.

Is that the dialog you are hoping to bypass?

Yes, thanks mouser. That is exactly what I would like to do. For my use, having the image copied to the clipboard after the capture with no additional dialogs would be perfect.

I could add a way to skip that after-object-capture dialog easily enough -- the problem is doing it in a way that would still let people do scrolling object captures, etc.  I could put an object in the RedBox gear icon menu to toggle this.

That would be great if that could happen.

I understand I'm missing lots of great features in SC, but my needs for capture are simple. I'm editing and annotating them in PhotoShop Elements, and I save them in that program's format because I often update them. This way I can just add a fresh capture and re-use the annotations next time. So I'm looking to capture a specific element and paste it into PhotoShop.

The ability of SC to capture specific elements is very helpful - saves me lots of tedious cropping - then I just need to get the image on the clipboard with as few steps as possible.


An update...

Thanks to a response from lanux128 to another post I made, I have now gotten rid of one step. I didn't want to save files of the images, and he told me how to turn off AutoSave. Doing that keeps the second screen from coming up, so now I get only one unneeded screen. Progress. :)


Screenshot Captor / Re: taking screenshot WITHOUT saving to file
« on: April 18, 2014, 07:40 AM »
Thanks, lanux128

That was exactly what I was looking for and didn't recognize it when I looked through the options.


Hi, Tom,
I've used both the Capturebar and hotkey. I'm capturing a "Windows object" - the reason I'm not just using the built-in PrintScreen function, which otherwise does just what I want.

After the capture the "what do you want to do now" screen pops up, and I can't find a way to suppress that. Which just as well, I suppose, because the image doesn't get to the clipboard until I click the Save button there, even though I though the setting shown above should make that happen. I have been able to get rid of the drop-down on the next screen so that clicking the Clipboard button automatically saves the image to the clipboard. But it's still two extra clicks that are unneeded and I'd like to get rid of if I can.


Screenshot Captor / Re: taking screenshot WITHOUT saving to file
« on: April 17, 2014, 07:50 PM »
I'm looking for this feature too. I have no need for saved files - I use them directly from the clipboard. I can find no way to turn off the saving of files.


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