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The one that comes to mind for me is WordStar, a ground breaking word processor from back in the character-mode CP/M & DOS days.  It didn't successfully make the jump to graphical environments.  They got killed by WordPerfect and MS Word.

Pioneered the use of the ESDX 'diamond' for cursor movement (when the Ctrl key was held down).  Way back then keyboards didn't always have dedicated arrow keys.  Made far more sense to me than Vi's HLJK scheme. 

I just threw out an old manual/floppy box from the 80's that I had kept around for nostalgia reasons.

Holy cow that brings back memories. I used it in MCAS Iwakuni, Japan while stationed there in 1988. If you took a few to learn the syntax you could really do things very quickly. Thanks for the memories!


Is this version with KeePass exclusion due out any time soon, or should I use the beta?



Living Room / Re: Goodbye to my father
« on: September 21, 2016, 07:23 PM »
I'm afraid I just got around to reading the forums after quite a long time.

My sincere condolences on your loss. My father is 85, and I worry daily that each day might be the last.

I hope you're healing each day.



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