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As a newbie I messed up the link. See below for the replacement

The access violation error never occurred again so it's probably a local environment glitch.
Just tried twice to attach a video demonstrating the feature but the forum server keeps dropping me.
The .avi file is 24.6 MB, could that be some kind of file size violation? Is there another way to get it to you?

It's not that I'm pushing the envelope, just making lots of newbie mistakes whilst learning how to use LBC. I can stop drawing things to your attention if you prefer the simple life 8).
I actually prefer the sound of the second option you gave because then I can still have a full allocation of real estate for LBC AND I don't have to remember just how far the LBC dock extends - sexagenarian memory loss, I desperately need some new DIMMs  ;D

Ok. I'll also run the whole scenario again taking screen dumps to illustrate. Or would you prefer a desktop video like some of the ones I have seen posted by you?
What package did you use for yours?

As it's not particularly destructive I'd be inclined to recommend LBC never be dccked along the same edge as an autohide Win XP launcher. There's no problem when the XP launcher is static, but I also don't know if the same phenomenon occurs with Vista or 7.
I'm gonna buy me something with a haswell core i7 & windows 8. That should solve the problem  :)

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