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LaunchBar Commander / Re: User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 20, 2013, 04:32 AM »
User A is definitely opening User B's Menu and vice versa when User B's files are loaded and user accounts are switched. I'm just switching active user [WIN+L] as opposed to "logging off", could this make a difference?
Each user has an LBC folder in their document folder with discrete files stored therein. Did I misunderstand when I first set it up? Should I have left all the user files in the LBC Program folder so that all can be accessed but only those for the "calling" account load on program start?
If I can't get it to function with individual users but one program folder can I install the software directly into each user's documents environment so that they may act as discrete environments?

It was my first attempt so it felt like I was facing down a tiger. :Thmbsup:

LaunchBar Commander / User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 18, 2013, 05:38 AM »
WINXP(SP3)32 bit LBC 1.137.01
Even though the CONFIGDIR parameter is set to %MYDOCUMENTS%, LBC is still loading the project files for the previously active/loaded user account.
If I manually open the file for the "current" user account then when I switch users the same project opens and remains open until I manually open the pertinent file. The newly opened file then becomes the default wherever I operate from.
Attached image shows the ConfigDir file and the LBC Configuration pane.
The system is successfully utilising the local language name for My Documents because the project folders are loaded and saved to the appropriate directory when running. It's just not doing it automatically at run time.
Should I be replacing the absolute user account details for a system variable in the LBC configuration pane?
It is conceivable that I could utilise one LBC project across both the accounts but I'm unsure (Scared) whether there would be significant conflicts between default data directories for any programs activated via LBC.

Let's try again - here's the download link. Let me know if I should embed the video instead.

I've just noticed from watching the video again that the second cut & paste - with the node open "picks up" the attributes from the the second node below in addition to replicating the erroneous node.
That is it contains both the active utilities objects and the active software objects.
Now that's pushing the envelope!

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