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LaunchBar Commander / System functions not being correctly copied
« on: November 09, 2013, 07:54 AM »
WIN XP(SP3) 32bit
LBC 1.137.01
When a desktop shortcut to Shutdown.exe is created, switches are appended to the end:
"shutdown -s -t 00" for shutdown
"shutdown -r -t 00" for reboot
"shutdown -l -t 00" for logoff
when these shortcuts are dragged to LBC the switches are not copied.
Would that be a feature or a bug?

Hi there, Mouser,
Following your advice given on the "open" forum the other evening I have now started a serious evaluation of LBC. Must say I'm impressed - I removed FreeLaunchBar because it didn't even stand up to my first attempts to create something meaningful. LBC is definitely here to stay :).
I'm also interested in a similar functionality. I currently have six family members on XP(SP3) 32bit, with their own user accounts and I created desktop shortcuts to their individual desktops simply by going into Docs&Settings and then creating the link to their desktops.
Whilst I can drop things onto their desktop icon I simply can't get these shortcuts into any of the LBC nodes without them simply becoming menus. Is there potentially any kind of workaround utilising the shortcuts created by windows?

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