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LaunchBar Commander / Re: User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 26, 2013, 03:16 AM »
I have made another observation which may (or not) assist in the debugging of the feature.
When a node points to a system folder eg. %MyDocuments% then it would be expected for that node to open the system folder for the currently active LBC Dock.
As part of my testing I have both the Colin  and TFC docks active side by side (in either account - makes no difference) but whichever Dock's virtual "MyDocuments" node is accessed, it always produces the %MyDocuments% folder for the current active user account as opposed to the desired target for the "targeted" user's LBC Dock.
I was actually trying to ascertain whether I could simply have both docks active in the system quickstart tray and then select whichever one I wanted to use according to which account I was logged into.
It makes no difference whether both docks are active side by side or if one of them is minimised.
Don't know if this info helps but somebody once said "information is power". It may save you the effort of testing that aspect for yourself.
Almost forgot 1.138.03 now being utilised.

LaunchBar Commander / Deleting Command Nodes
« on: November 25, 2013, 09:27 AM »
WINXP(SP3)32bit LBC 1.138.03
If a document is dragged to LBC a command node is created.
If that command node is "right clicked" the normal windows context menu is displayed  - including the appropriate LBC shell commands.
If the windows option to delete the item is selected then the target is dumped in the trash. Probably one's own fault for being stupid. There's always a "but", but the node for the target which has been trashed, still appears on LBC but can't "command" anything 'coz the target's gone. ;D
Closing and saving the changes to LBC and then re-running still leaves the "orphan" node.
Bug or Feature  8)
Will David Attenborough be required?

 I can confirm my case is fixed. :Thmbsup:

Now that you're simply creating a new appropriate node I can't imagine you need me to test for any further combinations that might cause exceptions. And of course, if a newbie  :-[ does it wrong I can just delete the surplus node without fear of tragic consequences :)

ps1 Phew, that was lucky, can you imagine the fix effort if it was corrupting the data as well.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 20, 2013, 07:13 AM »
I made a quick text edit in the Colin account to force an amendment to be saved.
As can be seen, TFC shows "My First Launch Bar" where Colin shows TFC
TFC was accessed first but no changes made so the config file is/was a virgin.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 20, 2013, 07:05 AM »
Still the Same. Here are the "snaps"

LaunchBar Commander / Re: User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 20, 2013, 06:47 AM »
I'm attaching some image files showing all the directories (sorted reverse chronological) so ypou can easily see what was updated when in relative terms. Also attached are the contents of the config file for both accounts.
it looks like the .mpc files are going into the LBC account with the others going to the respective user accounts
LBC is not active so the config files are as saved on last usage for each account.
Interestingly, I'm working in the admin account but IrfanView saved the images to the desktop for my personal account so I had to "reach over" to get them. If I recall correctly, IrfanView has always done this, even on my earlier Vista machine (Screwed Graphics built into the motherboard so no saving). Would you like me to take a quick peep at any IV config files to compare?

LaunchBar Commander / Re: User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 20, 2013, 04:32 AM »
User A is definitely opening User B's Menu and vice versa when User B's files are loaded and user accounts are switched. I'm just switching active user [WIN+L] as opposed to "logging off", could this make a difference?
Each user has an LBC folder in their document folder with discrete files stored therein. Did I misunderstand when I first set it up? Should I have left all the user files in the LBC Program folder so that all can be accessed but only those for the "calling" account load on program start?
If I can't get it to function with individual users but one program folder can I install the software directly into each user's documents environment so that they may act as discrete environments?

It was my first attempt so it felt like I was facing down a tiger. :Thmbsup:

LaunchBar Commander / User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 18, 2013, 05:38 AM »
WINXP(SP3)32 bit LBC 1.137.01
Even though the CONFIGDIR parameter is set to %MYDOCUMENTS%, LBC is still loading the project files for the previously active/loaded user account.
If I manually open the file for the "current" user account then when I switch users the same project opens and remains open until I manually open the pertinent file. The newly opened file then becomes the default wherever I operate from.
Attached image shows the ConfigDir file and the LBC Configuration pane.
The system is successfully utilising the local language name for My Documents because the project folders are loaded and saved to the appropriate directory when running. It's just not doing it automatically at run time.
Should I be replacing the absolute user account details for a system variable in the LBC configuration pane?
It is conceivable that I could utilise one LBC project across both the accounts but I'm unsure (Scared) whether there would be significant conflicts between default data directories for any programs activated via LBC.

Let's try again - here's the download link. Let me know if I should embed the video instead.

I've just noticed from watching the video again that the second cut & paste - with the node open "picks up" the attributes from the the second node below in addition to replicating the erroneous node.
That is it contains both the active utilities objects and the active software objects.
Now that's pushing the envelope!

As a newbie I messed up the link. See below for the replacement

The access violation error never occurred again so it's probably a local environment glitch.
Just tried twice to attach a video demonstrating the feature but the forum server keeps dropping me.
The .avi file is 24.6 MB, could that be some kind of file size violation? Is there another way to get it to you?

It's not that I'm pushing the envelope, just making lots of newbie mistakes whilst learning how to use LBC. I can stop drawing things to your attention if you prefer the simple life 8).
I actually prefer the sound of the second option you gave because then I can still have a full allocation of real estate for LBC AND I don't have to remember just how far the LBC dock extends - sexagenarian memory loss, I desperately need some new DIMMs  ;D

Ok. I'll also run the whole scenario again taking screen dumps to illustrate. Or would you prefer a desktop video like some of the ones I have seen posted by you?
What package did you use for yours?

As it's not particularly destructive I'd be inclined to recommend LBC never be dccked along the same edge as an autohide Win XP launcher. There's no problem when the XP launcher is static, but I also don't know if the same phenomenon occurs with Vista or 7.
I'm gonna buy me something with a haswell core i7 & windows 8. That should solve the problem  :)

Understood, thanks

WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit - Multi User 4 family members and the Administrator account
Hi there,
Just downloaded my first licence key (for use with LBC). I am trying LBC on my own personal user account and also on the administrator account. I noticed that the activated key was stored in the Program folder and also in the APPDATA folder for the user account in which I first activated the key. As a precaution I cut&pasted the key into a Wordpad file.
When I go into the Administrator account:-
1) Will I be asked to activate another key for that user account in order that the kay is also stored in the appropriate APPDATA folder?
2) If another key activation is requested, should I use the copy or grab a supplementary key.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: System functions not being correctly copied
« on: November 13, 2013, 10:03 AM »
Hi Mouser, You'll probably want to shoot me!
Had another look at the LBC configuration and the parameters ARE copied, just not to where I expected them.
In my defence, :-[ I was phased by the fact that the shortcuts appeared with strange images and all three application commands referred simply to "shutdown.exe". I was afraid to even test the links because I simply didn't want the system to interpret "logoff" as shut down at that point in time. I've now observed that there is an "arguments" field and, as you can see, the switches all go in there - as they should.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: System functions not being correctly copied
« on: November 10, 2013, 01:06 PM »
No such luck. have screen dump of both the LBC configuration screen and the .exe properties if you need them.
In reality, I have already tried to send these twice but for some reason I keep getting timed out by the forum server when I send them and the reply is dropped >:(

LaunchBar Commander / Re: System functions not being correctly copied
« on: November 10, 2013, 12:16 PM »
Hope you can read Swedish  ;D

WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit LBC 1.137.01.
System launchbar docked along left edge of screen and autohiding.
LBC docked along left edge of screen reserving space.
When a window is opened on the desktop (double clicking any Folder shortcut) and the hidden System Launchbar is activated by mouseover it flashes four times on its first activation.
Re-activating the system launchbar without changes to the desktop does not produce further flashing.
Opening another Window (again, double click any folder shortcut) produces a new window ON TOP which again causes the System launchbar to flash four times when activated by mouseover.
Again, re-activating the system launchbar without changes to the desktop does not produce further flashing.
Open another window and voilla, a flashing system launchbar.
The flashing is definitely associated with windows opening or being activated/moved to the top layer. Even if the windows are small enough not to overlap, the latest window is still considered to be new to the top layer and therefore causes the flashes.
The effect does not occur when the LBC is docked on any edge away from the system launchbar.
There must be a logical reason for it always to be four flashes - probably related to the number of active virtual areas on the system launchbar; Windows Button, Quick Launch Bar, Message Bar & Activity Bar.  If there were more toolbars active, then I am certain there would be more epileptic triggers :).
Should this be considered a bug, or a feature requiring an advisory note, to avoid the system launchbar location with LBC docks?

LaunchBar Commander / Re: System functions not being correctly copied
« on: November 10, 2013, 12:58 AM »
I simply "Copy Shortcut Properties".
As identified in one of my other submissions, the three functions require individual authorisation as opposed to a "yes to all" option

WIN XP(SP3)32bit LBC 1.137.01
System launchbar set to autohide
If the LBC dock is parked at the same edge as the system launchbar and set to reserve space, then both can co-exist.
If LBC is then set to slide, the system launchbar can no longer respond to a "mouseover"
If the LBC "activation zone" was set to be a few pixels clear of the edge and a few pixels wide then it should be possible to "pass through" the LBC activation zone and still find the hot spot for the system launchbar.
I'm convinced I can see the edge of both bars when they are both hidden because there are two distinct "stripes". the outermost being the blue system colour whilst the innermost is the grey "aluminium" of LBC. When the mouse activates LBC then it can be seen to obliterate the blue system "stripe".
I know the workaround is to park them on opposite sides but then again "If I can see 'em I should be able to activate 'em", and, parking things on the right always seems to conflict with resizing windows when they are already close to the bottom/right corner.

LaunchBar Commander / "Erroneous" node being automatically produced
« on: November 09, 2013, 08:11 AM »
WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit - LBC 1.137.01
If I attempt to add (DRAG) Shortcuts for documents held in another user account directly into a FOLDER node on the active LB in the currently active user account, it produces an "Access violation at address 00417236 in module 'LBC.exe'. Read of address 0000008E." I assume this is correct because I shouldn't really be able to do it - the shortcut should go into the target folder to which the node refers - I realised I was actually making an erroneous attempt in the first place. However, if the same shortcut is dragged to the same FOLDER Node in the opened Configuration pane, which would also be the same error, then it produces a new Node which is a copy of the node immediately below the target including all the elements within the "copied" node. This "NEW" node being inserted between the erroneous target and the copied node. In this instance the copied node was a MENU node, I haven't tried to simulate the error with all possible node permutations.

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