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To all,

I would like to thank all the people who checked out admuncher and gave it a shot with this 20% discount. I just wanted to let you know that we are working on something special for the users here at donation coders and hopefully, you will get to see what it is soon. Thanks to mouser for allowing us to post this discount here and again, thanks to all the users!


To the users who have responded in this thread,

I must say thanks for your kind words. Sentinel, if you find something that this program misses with scripts, please let us know in #admuncher on or use the "Email AdMuncher Developers" option on the contact tab to report it. We are very eager to receive these reports (as we get very few of them and usually we are required to search for ads ourselves or rely on the ones reported in our support channel). But if you find something that is missed, please, let us know.

I am glad to see that everyone is enjoying the product. If you have any ideas for future improvements, let us know. We are always listening!

Hello to all. My name is Josh and I am one of the fans of the Ad Muncher program. Anyways, I am here to answer any question for you all and am more than happy to provide any sort of technical assistance you might need while evaluating whether or not to purchase this program. I hope you all enjoy the 20% coupon, and we look forward to helping you enjoy an ad free internet.


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