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OK no one is forcing you to upgrade - but there is a pressure to do so, especially on businesses who receive documents in latest formats. True you can specify which format to save in but lots of people don't, files appear on the internet (not least on MS's own website) that can't be opened with earlier versions.

Doesn't alter the underlying question though - why is it necessary to produce the annual upgrade when it adds at best extremely limited additional functionality?

Because they are giving customers that have requested certain features what they wanted? You forget, the reason most of these features, that 5% of users will use, end up in office is because someone somewhere has requested it. Also, they shouldnt be forced to not update their file formats because people dont feel like upgrading their software. Thats like saying Ford cant add stuff to their cars because some people dont know how to use the features or dont feel like purchasing a new car when they add them.

Try opening an Office 2003 file in Office 95 ....

You could argue that MS only 'extended' HTML, XHTML etc. for webpages - but an awful lot of webpages can only be viewed properly in Internet Explorer - even though many other browsers are standards compliant.

Again, you arent forced to upgrade, if you have a client using office 2003, tell them to save the file in the older format, it takes 2 seconds to change the file type drop down listing. I again, fail to see where they are being forced to upgrade.

MS Office is another example of no innovation - every version loks the same, does the same and adds a few esoteric bits that only 0.5% of users are even aware of - but they change the file formst just sufficiently to force people to upgrade to maintian compatability.

Sorry - end of rant ...
Office forced people to upgrade? From my understanding, every version of office is still able to open up documents created in office 95. So where is the forcing the user to upgrade? If they wanted to force people to upgrade, they would just remove support for older formats, but they dont. They realize not everyone wants to upgrade. Heck, my father is still running office 97 on winxp pro and its running like a champ. Why hasnt he upgraded if MS is forcing users to upgrade?

Also, MS only PROPOSED extensions to the RSS system, they havent done anything about implimenting them yet, only asked for approval

I am sorry, but if you are going to argue this thread, at least have an open mind and dont look to bash one end or the other in every reply.

I will say this, I (am?) was a huge FireFox fan. I still really am.  However after beta testing IE7(yes, it's look and appearances mimic FF) I can see myself shifting back to IE7.  The one thing, that I really kept an eye out for is Memory!  If anyone on this forum disagree's with me, then  you haven't paid attention to the amount of RAM that FF sucks up.  FireFox is absolutely horrible at memory management.  I'm tired of looking at my processes to see that FF is consuming well in excess of 125mb of ram.  IE7 thus far has NOT had this problem. And because of this, and other more minor features, I will definately switch to IE7.  IE7 has the same features as FF, imo.  I will say, that IE7 security is a concern(because of past history) however, I'm willing to take that chance. I see MS, making advances in security, finally, so I'm coming to terms with it.


I am waiting for the argument that "IE components are preloaded with windows". This is the argument firefox/opera fanboys tend to use against IE. However, I am not certain they realize that the iexplore.exe process consumes far less ram (even with 17 windows open (for ie6) compared to 17 tabs in firefox) than firefox.exe. Yes, microsoft is slow, and I know they are always bashed because of their abusing their monopoly, but if it werent for windows, pc's wouldnt be as widespread and used as much as they are nowadays. We wouldnt have some of the great pieces of software or games that we do if it werent for microsoft being the big business that they are.

To the poster above, "Firefox sometimes has ram issues", do you not use but one or two extensions? I leave firefox open at night, and last night when I went to bed it was consuming 80MB of ram for 17 tabs (reasonable), but when I opened it this morning, it is using 160MB. Tell me, how can a browser double its ram usage while doing nothing? Also, extensions are a moot point with IE. You have been able to customize IE far more and for far longer than you have Firefox. There are so many addon programs for IE (the equivelant of extensions) its not funny. Also, microsoft probably doesnt allow you to DIRECTLY extend the browser like you can firefox for the sheer fact that if one extension came out with an exploit, it would tarnish the name of IE (as the greasemonkey incident did to firefox) and people would think microsoft responsible for not checking each and every extension. Also please, dont use the "its only 1.x" excuse. The mozilla team has known about the memory issues for some time yet everytime I've seen someone visit #firefox on or post about them on the boards the "Devs" and "Mods" claim that they dont experience the issues and say it is a none-issue. 90% of complaints I see in #firefox are users complaining about memory usage yet the firefox dev team fails to address those issues. Firefox users seem to have a denial complex about them where they A. cant admit something is wrong with their browser, B. If they do admit to a flaw, they try and poke at other browsers by saying "Hey look, this browser still has X number of flaws open", and C. the userbase tends to flame anyone who goes against the past two entries.

Now, I am not a microsoft zealot, I use firefox as my default browser and enjoy it (although it is still very unstable), but I dont think its the best possible browser. Opera has that choice for me. The only reason I dont use it is that they dont allow third party integration (no, it doesnt have to be extensions). They dont allow me to use tools I've paid for and grown accustomed to that work in every other browser on the windows platform, instead forcing me to use stuff that the dev's feel like adding, and after they do, leave to stagnate. This is where a 3rd party API would allow for greater expandability of opera.

Anyways, microsoft has done some things right, yes they have a monopoly and often abuse it, but dont forget we wouldnt be where we are now if it werent for them.

General Software Discussion / Re: Program Wanted
« on: December 19, 2005, 10:55 PM »
Easier way, after updating, kill the Automatic updates service, and you kill the annoying reminders

start - run - services.msc

Right click on automatic updates listing, choose STOP


And again jibz, the price was at 50 dollars at the time of my original posting.

Much better reply than clever sarcasm :up:.

Sorry, thought it would be assumed from my first reply that, at the time of the posting, the deal was valid and the price matched the deal ;-)

Oh, I wasn't being snippy...and I do apologize if I was coming off as such.

Just a boring Sunday afternoon over here & I was just making conversation. Didn't mean to turn on the kitchen light and get the cockroaches worked up into a frenzy. :)

Oh its all good :) I am in no way in a snippy mood right now, just pointing stuff out to people :)

Well, if you bothered to read his message, you would see that he said the product costs $70 while the rebate was $50, which means it costs $20 and is not free as the topic line 'Free copy of snapstream beyondtv 3 after 50$ MIR' might suggest to some.
And again jibz, the price was at 50 dollars at the time of my original posting.

If you bothered to read the coupon, you would see the offer expired on DEC 01 2005 ;-) Must be that new thing called Attention to detail.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: paper shredder at office depot
« on: November 07, 2005, 10:24 AM »
mouser is right, please change the topic of your original post and/or explain how those who maybe interested could get it for $6. :)

Dang, that was quick, that sure didnt last long, good thing I got 2 of em :)


Use coupon code: DCMPS30D at checkout

Found Deals and Discounts / Some magazine subs for $2 per subscription
« on: November 06, 2005, 08:40 AM »

Be sure to cancel after the year or you will be charged the normal rate for a renewal. Also, You are limited to any 4. Enjoy!

Just complete the survey at and enjoy.


Found Deals and Discounts / Free Nine Inch Nails DVD
« on: October 31, 2005, 09:45 PM »

Found Deals and Discounts / Free pack of HP Paper
« on: October 31, 2005, 09:40 PM »

Just register and you get a free pack. Paper, although a small item, isnt cheap :)

josh has been in contact with me - something nice for members will be in the works for our november thing if all goes well :)

We have something special in the works that will be specifically for donationcoders! We are currently working on preparing 4.7 for its final release, a long needed update, which has been under very active and continuous development for a long time. We are very pleased with the upcoming release and as such will be offering something to donation coder that I think the users will enjoy.

If you want to test one of the final beta's to be released for the 4.7 series, you can go to


This is the latest beta release which includes a lot of new improvements. Below is a post from Murray (the programmer) on the admuncher forums which should provide more insight into the beta

Hi everyone,

We're done working on new features for v4.7 and would now just like to track down any significant bugs before releasing it publicly.

Gzip support has unfortunately been held back for v4.8 due to the amount of time it was taking to rewrite the relevant supporting code.  We really need to get a public release out, and v4.7 as it is currently is a great improvement over the currently-public v4.6.

The current beta is v4.7 Build 19331 and is available from:


This build includes a brand new update system, which now supports:

 - Previewing of updates before downloading.
 - SOCKS 5 proxy support.
 - Proxy authentication (basic and digest methods).
 - Updates for all users, with registered users getting the latest releases a little sooner than trial users do.
 - More informative download progress dialogs.
 - The option to load development versions (betas) by simply enabling a checkbox on the update tab.

For those who have not seen a v4.7 beta yet, the current beta also includes:

 - A brand new default filter list, immensely better than the ones distributed with v4.6 and now being updated on a daily basis by Jeff.

 - Browser integration into Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox (as well as Navigator, Mozilla and all browsers based on IE).  This integration allows you to quickly remove, exclude or report pages and adverts by simply right-clicking on them.

 - Automatic cache clearing for Internet Explorer.  This only affects Internet Explorer because the other browsers, having more configurable caching mechanisms, shouldn't need forced cleaning.

 - Two new filter categories that allow you to insert javascript or CSS into web pages.

 - A new packaging system for the patching DLL, which should reduce memory usage significantly in all patched programs.

 - Plus a load of bug fixes and other minor improvements.

A full list of changes is available from:

Testing tips:

 - In Internet Explorer, if the browser extensions are working correctly, then whenever Ad Muncher is running the right-click menu should look something like this:

   Could you please check that the Ad Muncher menu extensions in Internet Explorer are nested in a sub-menu as they are in the above image?  If they aren't please let me know.

 - If anyone uses a proxy in the network environment I would enormously appreciate a quick check to see if the proxy options on the update tab are working, especially the authentication.  Remember to click "Apply" after making any changes before testing.
 - When further betas are released, please check that their download and installation proceeds as expected.

 - If you get a chance please try both of the options on the "Contact" tab (the "Live chat.." and "Email..." tabs), as both of these now make use of components from the new update system as well.

 - Feel free to try out the new IP Scramble test lists, the larger of which now has almost 800 entries.

 - Feedback on interface changes is also appreciated, including the update system and browser extensions.  If there is anything that is confusing or not intuitive please let me know.

Thank you very much for your help.  All feedback on the new version (including simple "all-okay" emails) is enormously appreciated, and should be directed to [email protected]

Yours sincerely,

  Murray Hurps

As I said, we have something in store for donationcoder and would like to thank the loyal users that already have experienced ad muncher! Take it easy!


Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Opera goes FREE!
« on: September 26, 2005, 05:00 AM »
I Love opera but since I cant get support of RoboForm I just stopped using it. Amazing how a simple little add on is more important to me then the browser which I do consider superior.

Agreed, I get flamed every time I make a post requesting it on opera's forums. They sit there and whine about extensions being bad for a browser from a security standpoint, but I feel that if a user is dumb enough to hit OK every time some site asks them to install something, then they A. Need to be educated and B. Shouldnt be browsing sites that would attempt to install these things automatically. Plus, with opera, they could easily make a system where only approved "extensions" if you will, work with the browser. AI Roboform puts the wand to shame in many aspects and opera's form fill capability leaves ALOT to be desired (Yes, I know you can use the notes feature, but why should I have to do that when I can simply hit one button and BAM, fill everything on the form?). Oh well, I guess its hopeful at best since the userbase on seem hell bent on making it so that opera doesnt get extensions. Freedom of choice is good, lack thereof will be opera's downfall I feel. Firefox got where it is for being customizable in EVERY ASPECT not just the UI or its INI files. You dont have to sift through mounds of ini files to get firefox to do what you want, with opera you do. Yes, you can argue that having everything built right in is a good thing, but isnt that the same thing microsoft is getting hounded over? Building everything into the os? Same principle here (I Know its not exactly the same thing as an OS != a browser, but the principle is still the same). Give the user a choice of what they want in their browser, dont force them to use what the devs put in which in some cases is subpar as they only do enough to get it in there and working in a basic sense. Opera is by far a superior browser in every aspect to firefox, but firefox has that one thing (as mentioned above) that opera doesnt, FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

To all,

I would like to thank all the people who checked out admuncher and gave it a shot with this 20% discount. I just wanted to let you know that we are working on something special for the users here at donation coders and hopefully, you will get to see what it is soon. Thanks to mouser for allowing us to post this discount here and again, thanks to all the users!


To the users who have responded in this thread,

I must say thanks for your kind words. Sentinel, if you find something that this program misses with scripts, please let us know in #admuncher on or use the "Email AdMuncher Developers" option on the contact tab to report it. We are very eager to receive these reports (as we get very few of them and usually we are required to search for ads ourselves or rely on the ones reported in our support channel). But if you find something that is missed, please, let us know.

I am glad to see that everyone is enjoying the product. If you have any ideas for future improvements, let us know. We are always listening!

Hello to all. My name is Josh and I am one of the fans of the Ad Muncher program. Anyways, I am here to answer any question for you all and am more than happy to provide any sort of technical assistance you might need while evaluating whether or not to purchase this program. I hope you all enjoy the 20% coupon, and we look forward to helping you enjoy an ad free internet.


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