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Woah, good! Spicey contest proposal - The Blind Thermometer: stop letting the thermometer show the level reached, and the first donator that reaches exactly, or goes beyond the $6000 level, wins something :)

Worth noting that the only big problem for the Zero Install project is the low number of apps available as feeds - and that's where DonationCoder could help ;)

I would like to make a proposal here.

I do follow since several years both the DonationCoder environment and the Zero Install project. Call me a shameless connector or whatever bad word you can think of, I don't mind, but I want to say I'm confident that some kind of partnership, in a direction or the other, would really benefit both. Zero Install works on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX. Awesome would be if every piece of software, coming from DC developers, even the most little one, could be packaged providing a "Zero Install feed"; dreaming a bit, but not that much, that would also make flowless and easier to accomplish an interoperability between various DC apps (see how ZI manages dependencies), and the software index would include all the DonationCoder apps, so they would be easier to find and explore (and immediately run! :) Thinking forward, a donation system in DC style could eventually be integrated in the service and/or the project itself. With Zero Install would be very easy for users e.g. to try DC apps (easy as clicking a "Launch!" button), eventually fall in love with them, and donate for a lifetime unlock.

Really, I see a lot of potential here for both the ecosystems, and I could write a lot about that - but I'll let you use your own imagination while here and now I'll just prefer begging to stop for a moment, and take a serious look to the Zero Install project for the possibilities that your contributions would bring; what I'm asking here is to make your tiny/little/big/huge/whatever apps available as Zero Install feeds (if they work on the supported platforms); of course you can continue using your usual way of packaging and distributing stuff, but I'm asking to make a Zero Install version *too* - it's easy and well explained:

If you want to explore the possibility, please join the mailing list that is the main place for discussions; also for any trouble in making the feeds, there will be always someone capable and willing to help there:

Zero Install for Linux:

Zero Install for Windows:

Zero Install for MAC OS X:

Zero Install for UNIX:

Let me know what you think!

Cheers! And what a *awesome* prize is the "10-25 hours Custom Coding Time" on anything we design!

...uh, it has to be legal, now that I read better... D'oh!

Webcam Video Diary / Re: Feature request: in-video notes
« on: January 03, 2011, 07:01 PM »
Sure. In Tab "Project Options" you let the user define a current "Identifier" label, imagine it is "my-dreams", because the user wants to start a video-log of her dreams.
She wakes up, and starts the app, with "my-dreams" as current identifier. In the "Live Camera Video" she eventually writes something into the "Optional Recording Label" field, that is a title for the dream she's going to record - but this has not to be considered as part of the "identifier", i.e. the identifier is still "my-dreams".
While recording, she can pause and insert tags, then resume. Also, she'll be able to add tags when the recording will end. And also, when she'll have a video selected into the "Media File Viewer" Tab.
The process of tags insertion is done by viewing a list of all the tags defined for videos with the same identifier (in this example, "my-dreams"), sorted by descending number of total occurrencies, and writing something into an input field; while writing, the list dynamically changes on every keypress, filtering out tags that don't contain the written string. On the right of the input field there is a [ADD] button, that when pressed clears the field and puts that string into the bucket of tags for the current video. Also, hovering on the tags in the dynamic list retrieved from the videos with same identifier, a [ADD] button appears, that when pressed puts that tag into the bucket of tags for the current video. Hovering on the tags in the bucket of tags defined for the current video, a [DEL] button appears, that when pressed deletes that tag for the current video.

Note that if the user defines also e.g. a "startup-ideas" identifier, and records videos with it, the list of tags for that identifier of course won't include those added to videos of "my-dreams" identifier, but only those added to videos of "startup-ideas" identifier.

If it's not clear, or if you want/can do it in some other way, let me know.

EDIT: errata corrige: "dreams" -> "my-dreams"
EDIT: [TAG] button -> [ADD] button

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