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Here's something to try: Image Mirror

Uhm, not exactly what I need, but maybe I could try it with a two monitors extended desktop setup...

No, that wouldn't work.
It's for painting with my graphic tablet under a glass-like surface positioned with a 45 degrees inclination next to a 90 degrees rotated monitor.
The virtual image of the lcd screen lays on the graphic tablet, but the real display should be flipped horizontally in order to see it correctly in the virtual image, and to match the movements of the pen on the tablet.

EDIT: there was no link to Image Mirror while I was writing. I'll look at it.

EDIT: Although, after having tried it, (and the attendant reversed mousing), it's actually 180deg rotation not flipping.

Yes, rotation is quite usual. Flipping (for use with mirror) is not.

[...] (per connected monitor) [...]

Do you mean, it needs a second monitor for the feature to work?

No nVidia here, sorry.

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