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Thanks for the update. I have such a question. I have a ScreenshotCaptor version 4.41.0 with a digital signature of February 15, 2021. Why does ScreenshotCaptor version with a digital signature of May 31, 2021 exactly the same version number - 4.41.0? The author lacks digits for version numbering?

Latest version 4.36.2  :)


1) Please tidy up the data on the site!
Version 4.31.1 is listed, but version 4.31.2 is being loaded.

2) In the online help there is no data on changes in new versions.

3) For several years now, DirectX capture has not worked.

Maybe you need to hide or delete this command from the main menu of the program?
In addition, there is no this command in the context menu of the program icon in the tray.


LATEST VERSION Easy Screencast Recorder v1.17.01...
....New official version is uploaded.



Unfortunately, nothing has changed. When you capture the entire Desktop in the "Selected Window" mode, the red rectangle is still displayed.
One more remark. After unpacking the zip-archive of the portable version of the program and only the first time the name of the "Selected Region" capture mode is not displayed in the capture mode selection field.


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