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General Software Discussion / Re: Farewell, Dr. Dobbs
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:34 PM »
"Ah, Dr. Dobb's. While I - as a German - never actually got my hands on even one of those magazines, I surely know its reputation. A tragic loss for everyone."

Many U.S. publications are either not available on the Continent, or then, at outrageous(ly inflated) prices only, 5 times the U.S. price is quite common. So many of these publications have to rely on their "native" readers only, i.e. for 300 U.S. readers, there is perhaps Continental reader, and as I said in a previous post, these last years, there is an additional problem by Universities' tendency to not buy paper publications anymore whenever possible, but to "make available" expensive publications by electronic means only, which means, for everybody really interested but not belongig to the university anymore, that there will be awful reading on screen at best, most of the time without copying even of short citations, and without any printing-out, which means you will only read what's absolutely necessary to your immediate, current work, at best, and not any line else, and even for a student or prof, it makes a big difference if he can browse some paper in his spare time, for leisure, or if he must read on a screen in the university (bad 17" one of their installations, or his own, often tiny, notebook screen, by WAN) - as before, the latter alternative cause exclusive reading of some specifically needed article only, no more browsing of anything else whatsoever. (Time plays another role here, cf. changed univ curriculae by "Bologna": either it's on the list of mandatory readings, or it doesn't exist anymore.)

The outrageously overpriced dollar does not help in any way, so most people on the Continent who traditionally would have been very interested in "enlarging their horizon" are simply cut off of most of possibly horizon-enlarging stuff now, whilst many of those publications are quite readily available for U.S. readers, even if they need to buy them.

Most of these high-brow publications are written in English, but then, we all know most Americans do not have any interest in benefiting from such stuff that would be available though, free or cheap to them, in their native language; whilst it is generally assumed that the Continental (not: power) elites who are eager to read such stuff, and without problems in what's the new lingua franca for, are also eager to first pay 5 times the natural price.* (Oh yes, it's all the intermediates' fault, isn't it? Well, I call this a general, reproachable organizational fault instead.)

Most people in this forum refuse to discuss general ideas; that gives them room to endlessly chat about time and time again new symptoms of denied fundamentals.**

* and ** = Some people have to learn it the hard way. Good riddance to just some other of innumerable examples, and tendency to disappear will accelerate.

General Software Discussion / Re: Dopus file names are cut
« on: December 12, 2014, 09:55 AM »
I love bombs, and this is one.

Spiz, 1 post, obviously didn't get the help he asked for over there, so asks here. Is probably another Swiss, since French and German (beyond his seemingly English OS) is to be found in his screenshot (in Switzerland, even scavengers do get more than 10,000 bucks net each month (no, that's not a joke), so buying DO is not evident, hm?

Btw, rather soon, DO will be on bits again, since then, rather soon, new paid upgrade will be published. Very seriously, I think any developer can learn lots of things, marketing-wise, both from the Australian doctor and from German Mr. Bartels. (DO is the only venture that makes real money from their bits experience, and that's quite a treat; differenciating between paying customers and onlookers also is smart at first sight, the inherent problem residing in this deliberate discrimination being of course that overt rudeness to the latter group (and even vàv paying customers, in their forum) will cause many legitimate prospects to back off from buying.

Then, you will remember that I've been very critical on DO in the past, and for good reasons all upheld, but when people say it's the very best file manager out there... well, there are not lying: not by DO being really good, but because all other current file managers are even worse: I can freely mention this all-relative superiority here since DO's development is as unsatisfactory as is theirs, so my post will not change anything on this: Everywhere, it's coders doing the work of system analysts, some Warnier, Carr or Wang ain't born that often.

This being said, it's evident, by DO's relative superiority (which btw is not sufficiently communicated: by numbers, yes (i.e. lotsa people saying, it's so good, it's worth its price!), by detailing core features and their respective implementation, in order to make available expectable work flows in DO which ain't accessible in its competitors (incl. XY which strives hard), by lesser-qualified implementations of similar core functionality), not: laziness on either side causing this, the doctor plus Leo not sufficiently being motivated, neither the high-paying users, especially here on DC, perhaps by wanting to share their satisfaction, but not their workflow secrets?

As said before, whenever I have been wrong, I rectify as soon as I see my mistake(s), so here, yes, their competition is so bad (X2 again on bits, currently, OMG!) that in direct comparison, DO's prices are "justified" - IF then you can work it all out (and no, this ain't another hint at their countless "options").

Of course, some well-thought-out file manager would have been the better alternative.

P.S.: I also considered to have deliberate bugs popping up in the face of non-paying users only: This being tightrope walking though, in many countries it's illegal (and thus subject to financial liability) to delete user data... even illegal users' data that is, so there's a limit to what you could sensibly invent to push further along this line (e.g. overheating the board?).

Sticky notes sw is skeuomorph pc crap par excellence; 3 M ("Post-it") should had have it banned world-wide in time; of course now it's too late.

Since it's (too) demanding to find ways to glue the stickies to divisions, pages, paragraphs, Excel cells and so on (cf. my discussion with Mr. Jaim over at, for most developers, in order to justify their prices (Jaim, TurboNote et al.), they spice their crap up instead with needless goodies the user (cf. the current thread's starting post) will then have difficulty to avoid, visually and/or by functionality, and most of the offerings do not even "follow" their original file when that's moved or renamed.

For the time being, users should have a look into metadata matters, mentioned again by me over at blahbah just some weeks ago: AHK both can read and write ADS, to give just one example, and SearchMyFile (another freeware from the incredible generous NirSoft venture) will find them. Thus, with just some lines of macro code, you would be able to get some quite satisfying metadata functionality on the file level at least, for free, and the way you prefer. OL mails being accessible, too, one by one, with some more lines of scripting, you'll be able to have stickies for mails, too, and with some more few lines, the stickies would pop up for any mail in question, or the mail would be displayed from your choosing from the sticies' list; all this is as basic as it gets.

Or then, continue to buy lovely-colored skeu-o-crap any lovely 3-year-old would rave of. Back around 1984, pc's were meant for grown-ups, you know, it happened only some time later anybody now's a comp expert. Well, such unwanted democratization at least holds prices down, as long as all those unqualified, retarded laymen more or less frenetically buy (this latter nexus not being evident in connection with cooked apple stuff yet).

Mike, you're right on all accounts. Let's gather some elements:

- You're speaking of Durchgriffshaftung, i.e. first of all, a German GmbH is 25.000 euro (about 30- or 31.000 bucks), which is way higher than corporations in other countries.

- Then, you can of course establish a Ltd., on cheap, in G.B., but both your revenu and that of the Ltd. will be subject to German taxes, if you then create a Ltd. & Co. KG with it or just have an official establishment in Germany with it, or even if you don't declare it to German authorities, which would be illegal.

- From the above, you see that the problem is not the form of incorporation, but the residence (here: Germany) of the managing director.

- The same applies to that Durchgriffshaftung (as you correctly state yourself): Wherever you incorporate your legal entity, and in whatever form, you are liable both by German law, and especially by German jurisdiction, which is the real problem here, since by German law (and contrary to the taxation issues), you would NOT be subjected to boundless, personal liability for non-German entities, but German judges like to hand over their non-State-paid compatriots to crooks worldwide on a silver platter, i.e. without legal foundations in the official texts, they illegally apply any text which pleases them anywhere by extension.

- This situation will certainly not improve by the imminent - and classified! - E.U.-U.S. commercial treaty: U.S. lawyers will specialize in pursuing European inventors (!) for alleged violations of U.S. "patents", the quotes being for the fact that in the U.S., you can file "patents" for anything, incl. both insignificancies and things that ain't even new - and European, especially German, judges will be eager to serve those U.S. vipers fully.

- The fact that there are almost no one-man developing shows inWestern Europe, and especially in Germany, is NOT due to the (inexistant) fact that European ain't as good in software as people from other countries, but at some time in their thinking process, they all face this same legal problem, and refrain from losing their very existence (and without their house, their wife, and their children, taken away by their wives).

- On the other hand, there are lots of one-man sw shows both in East Europe and in Russia, and also in the Far East, not by any "programming superiority" over there, but simply because Chinese judges will not eat the asses of U.S. crooks, as German judges would happily do, but laugh upon them, and the same would be true in Russia, whilst I'm not so sure anymore, for the future, for any E.U. country in Europe's east.

- Very often, you don't even will get the address of these Eastern developers, and they are right in withholding it.

- It's just SOME European developers who take the risks, and yes, they are taking big risks.

- You also will observe that a surprisingly share of (even rather tiny) German software venues are incorporated in (high-cost) Aktiengesellschaften (public holding companies), which in Germany is the only (and very expensive) way for avoiding total personal liability when being sued.

- The utmost obscenity in all this being the fact that your state of residence takes an incredible part of all your income, even for your sales in Nigeria, whilst then ruining you when some crook (even from Nigeria) comes and sues you in your own country.

- In my (West European) country, normal people pay 80 p.c. of their income to the state, whilst the real rich pay nothing, or then, 2 p.c. to the state of Luxemburg instead, as do some "international" corporations doing BIG business in Europe and especially Germany - when politicians are U.S. whores, that's what it all ends up to. Thus, the underlying problem is the fact that Europe is finished, with Germany being finished thrice, by the psychology of state-paid Germans. Well, it had been state-paid Germans who ran the camps, no? (Western) European governments systematically govern against their own people, and as for Germany, you see that phenomenon of the State, tenfold.

- In other words, incorporate your Ltd. or whatever in any exotic country of your choice: As long as you reside in a country that feeds its population to the wolves, both the taxman and any crook worldwide will tear you down where you live.

- Thus, some, very rare, West European software developers deploy other, exotic stratagems in order to avoid both liability, and taxes, but that means you shouldn't be enrolled any more in the population registry of some Western European shit country: :

"Jan Goyvaerts was born and raised in a town called Heist-op-den-Berg in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. Just Great Software was originally established there. Nowadays, Jan lives with his wife in Phuket in southern Thailand. Just Great Software's street address has moved with him. Still, Jan spends the larger part of his day in the global virtual world of the Internet, where his business thrives."

In other words, since getting a pen pal in some exotic country as your nominee / cover would be both insane and illegal, emigrate (perhaps, for a start, to Czechia (which is unknown to the spellchecker of this forum, which you can take as a good sign for getting away with "it": Or then, some day, pay with your life for YOUR OWN INVENTIONS and hand it all over to crooks, legally entitled by your own shit authorities which will have ransacked you all those fearful years before.

And beware, in this forum, there are unfortunately some people who happily take the side of governments - of governments of ANY mindset.

"A pity it won't work in Linux." - well, it doesn't even work in Windows as you would expect; this puts into perspective any try to automate it with AHK, of course. (Don't be too sure the problems discussed over there are limited to defunct Win versions.)

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