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For Q-Dir, there is a common problem with partial underlining, depending on the settings for "compute directory size". This problem is addressed wherever you search for "Q-Dir underline".

I am NOT speaking of this particular problem. I am speaking of the GENERAL problem that EVERY entry in Q-Dir is underlined FULL-LENGTH in my system (XP) where every other file manager I bought does NOT underline these entries, be it folders or files.

Of course I asked the developer, but he did not respond, just deleted my question from his blog, and there is no answer to my question world-wide, and it goes without saying that I spent HOURS with trying to get rid of this underlining.

So I would delete this Q-Dir shidt from my system, was it not for its being able to display 4 (!) different folders simultaneously, which is not possible with any of my expensive, paid file managers.

Hence my question here how to get rid of general underlining of every entry, folder or file, in Q-Dir.

Thank you!

Do you know other web sites where I could post such a question? I already did on, but don't know any other.

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