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Contro, you're always asking for some, more or less dedicated, tool. Now you must start to get acquainted with the idea, I think, that there will be no other way than to lern a scripting language, like AHK, AI or one of the paid ones, and then script your own "tools", which might imply some 10 or 25 lines (not counting the braces, in AHK).

There is a decisive difference between cheap, bad macro tools, and the better ones (even macro tools costing 40, 50, 50 dollars are valid contenders here): The better ones (and all the scripting languages, of course) permit the analysis of what formerly you brought into the clipboard, then the script, by control-c. So wherever you are able to do such a copy of text parts (and of course the selection of text, beforehand), script languages, or the better ones of the macro tools, can check for the content, and act accordingly to this content, i.e. to elements of it, in the way of "if whole string contains abc, then do x, else if it contains bcd, then do y", and so on.

There is a lot of fun in running such little scriptlets, since you become aware you are able of "programming": It's very satisfying to see the computer do things for you, at last, instead of just using it, "manually", in a kind of "typewriter" setting, not getting out of it anything else than more erudite third parties set it up to do for you.

Then, you could publish 25 lines of script here, complaining, but it doesn't do this or that yet, and people who do such a script in 8 minutes, would be happy to guide you to the tiny element you will have overlooked.

And a last word. Many people here ain't "native (English) speakers", but we all try to learn from the native speakers' (presumed) correct English, and that's why most non-native speakers here would not write something like "Is not edit." in their 1,525th post anymore.

If individual icon assignments are done very differently from type assignments, both can be changed very easily, or then, buy some 30 dollars tool as I did not.

I kindly ask for some knowledge about folder symbols some experts here might have; I'm going to trial some tools and am very willing to share my experience with them afterwards, it's just I don't have any knowledge on this subject yet, so I hope to better adjust my approach with some additional info.

There are some tools; one free tool just has got the same (closed) folder symbol we all know, in just a few (ugly) colors; I would need many more, and especially, many more (and brighter) colors for that same symbol. It seems there are many symbol collections out there, both free and paid, so the question here would be, in what format such symbol should / would have to be imported into the tool, in order to be as tiny and without problems as possible.

Then, there is a paid tool in two versions, where the free (or cheaper) one just replaces your folder symbols on your current system, but not for any use, for example by usb stick, on another pc (where the symbols of the folders in question you might have re-colored before, would then revert to the original yellow).

Of course, this intrigues me, not because I want just buy the cheaper version but have the functionality of the more expensive one, but because I would like to understand what's going on.

Of course, I know I can replace folder symbols by delving into the right-click menu, without buying any tool for this, but here again, the question arises if such a replacement will only work on the current pc, in light of what can be concluded by the different versions of the above-mentioned tool.

Why such replacements (other symbol and/or just other color) would not be persistent to begin with? What does Windows do with such symbols, meaning does it process them in any way, instead of just displaying them?

Of course, we have the problem here with two concurrent folder symbols, closed and open; I don't assume I would be able to use them both, I just would be happy to have the "closed" symbol, but in as many different colors as I need them.

And if Windows does indeed some processing of such folder symbols, the question arises if this processing is different between my XP, Vista, 7 and now 8.

And finally, it would be of interest to know if such new symbols work invariably in any file commander or if, depending on the file manager in question, you should be up for bad surprises, again, in case, because of some special processing the layman would not expect to be done behind the scenes.

That's why I greatly would appreciate some more info, also perhaps by links I didn't find (yet) on my own.

This is perhaps even a better way to answer my initial question:

- How comes every entry in Windows Explorer is underlined, and how to get rid of that?

- And perhaps then do similar for Q-Dir, or even, with step 1 this problem should already have been solved altogether, since Q-Dir is said to mimick Explorer as far as it is possible, so it might get / actively fetch some settings from it.

Well, that was the right idea. I changed the "Folders Display Settings" within Explorer, and that got me rid of underlined entries within Q-Dir, too.

I am not even sure it is a bug, it could be a "feature", since in the Windows Explorer it's likewise, but not in any of paid file managers, and as my screenshot shows, it is horrible.

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