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"This is not a usual request, however it can be done in Listary Options - By
Window Type: Select the application, and then uncheck "Find as you type"."

Channing even replied to some real dumb questions of mine (in fact, the forum is for users asking and for Channing to reply, in reality, no real "community" there) so I have to be thankful for that, but he will not answer questions addressing real problems with the sw - perhaps it's a question of pride or such, and he addresses those problems secretely, then - at least I hope so.

In my case, it was not possible to have his program NOT to interfere with anything I did, and do, so I had to deinstall it in order to regain control over my system. I should have tried the free version first, instead of buying. In fact, this programs intervenes in many more applications than it says it does, and this means that just deselecting programs from the Listary list will NOT do any good for programs that ain't even listed there to begin with.

It's been a quite terrible experience, all the more so since you cannot stop it from displaying lots of unwanted entries from "anywhere" even in programs where you'd just want it to display "hits" from the "immediate vicinity" (e.g. the current folder), and thus it creates "chaos lists", instead of just presenting just the hits you're looking for, and things are neither arranged by this awful, very intrusive red color nor by the fact that additional window overlays exactly the relevant file commander pane, hiding the entries there, instead of appearing elsewhere (e.g. on the opposite pane of a two-pane file manager).

Overall, it's totally functional, but those functions are intruding when you don't need them, and the visuals might be considered "very cute" by a 10-year-old girl.

I spiced up my file commanders with ahk scriptlets instead, and for "global search" I (rarely) use "Search Everything" (which is free and just appears whenever I really need it, not in 10 hours of my 12-14 hours work day).

Channing, if you read this, it's okay you're really proud of your tool, but make it a little bit more discrete, both by its function and by its visuals, nobody wants a green (or in this case, red) alien popping up and sitting on his desk almost all the time when trying to do serious work.

Contro, I never said the scriptlet was for downloading, it's for visioning those vids YT deems to be unsuitable for you if you don't "register" with them.

As for downloading YT vids, I unfortunately don't know how to automatically fetch the "best quality", and which in the case of music would NOT be the "first on the list" of "best available" in standard YT downloaders: you get even better music quality with often MUCH less file size, e.g. when the "video" just shows the lp sleeve (or a turntable) anyway, with the alternative format.

Btw, the scriptlet was meant for showing people how to integrate little, basic scriplets into their main script, and how to write such little tools on their own (where the basic steps to automate by ahk are KNOWN by a standard pc user, which is obviously not the case with downloading from YT), AND to show people how to process strings in ahk, since that is not totally obvious in ahk, but it's a core element of that language you will need again and again for any such little automation task.

I deliberately used 2 different variables, not only one (which would have been possible, but which would have made it rather inscrutable for "beginners"), but I also deliberately used the combination of TWO string processing functions in ONE line, in order to teach "beginners" how to combine them, and of course, I presume that "beginners" will google for both of them "ahk nameoffunction()", and scrutinize them both in order to "understand" the combination, and that will be then of big help for any such task, even if they ask for other such text processing function combos.

So the scriptlet was published for educative purposes within the context of this ahk intro (and btw, the info how to arrange the target within the target url can be found in the web, the scriptlet just automates this).

For downloading YT vids, many free add-ins both for FF and for Chrome exist, but this being said, if somebody gave me the "internals", i.e. the info how to identify the available different audio/visual quality settings offered by YT for any given vid, I'd be happy to share the corresponding ahk scriptlet I would then write for my purposes.

Grown-ups will find a fine AHK scriptlet example in order to tame Youtube legal guardian attitudes.

You're under 18? Be a good boy/girl, and don't follow this link!:

(I shifted this post from the "bury your software here" sub-forum.)

I revive this 5-year-old thread since I wanted to see reviews for it. Now they got a redactional "review" from PCWorld, and a user review on CNet (no, not mine), both 5 years old, and the user told them the awful dark tree background had to be done with - no reaction to this in 5 years; they've got 13 screen shots on their websites, 5 years later, and every one of them makes you wish to flee - this software's gui is incredibly ugly - which is probably a shame since it has much functionality, of which many cannot be found elsewhere in that combination. But of course, developers "so bad in looks" should better listen when kind people give them some design advice, no?

And what about having changed the db engine, in 5 years? No info on that (that I would have found at least).

And then, why did I search for a review on it in the first place? Because they had had the chuzpe to more or less ask a review from Prof. Kühn, in his famed takingnotenow blog, and said he might download a trial from their website for this.

Of course, my immediate, spontaneous reaction to this was thinking, are those people nuts? I think that if you want a review on a blog that will give your product lots of exposure, the most basic thing on earth would be to offer a free version to the blogger, instead of inviting him to download himself a trial one.

Some people are so bad in marketing (incl. not listening to the only real reviewer in five years they've got) that their lack of success cannot be but worded as "they buried it deliberately".

I'm writing this in order to kindly invite other developers to learn from this exorbitant example in what-not-to-do.

And oh, yes, they rose the price from 22 to 50 $, but that's not the problem at all.

But allow for my shifting this post into the general software forum, since, as said, it is meant as a general example.

Shifted elsewhere.

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