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Hello again,

I have attached 2 video files.

The first video shows how things are going when everything is fine.

SetFolDate-01-How it should go-2018-03-17_075841.wmv

In the 2nd video:
- there already exists a folder (that normally SetFolDate would have created)
- but in that folder there are already 2 files, copies  of files that SetFolDate is going to 'handle'
so, when SetFolDate is working, it stumbles over existing files and report an error, rightfully so.
in case of a few files (a few warnings), no problem, but in case of many files.... you have to click 'Skip' many times.

Is there no way to force SetFolDate to overwrite existing files in such a case?

Second video: SetFolDate-02-Crash_2018-03-17_080530.wmv



Gave this tool a try. This is the 1st time, just to see what it is actually doing.
Portable version showed:

I am using this tool (very) often. It works fine in 99,9% of the cases.
The 0,1% is -my- mistake...

Say, I have files like
blablabla-01-28022018 110001.jpg
blablabla-02-28022018 110022.jpg
blablabla-03-28022018 110031.jpg

it will create folder named blablabla

when such folder already exists, it will run into an error - rightfully so.

however, if I am doing this for, let;s say, 100 files or so, I need to hit 'esc' 100x times.

i wonder whether it is possible to adjust the tool in that way that in case a folder already exists,
then that folder should be used.

if it is too much work, too complicated, whatever, forget it.

Thank you all!
As for DropIt I tried following, without success.



Mouser: I checked his site, likely I am overlooking it, but eh .. which AHK ?
wraith808: I came accross Belvedere, but one way or the other I could not download it and I assumed, considering the age of the program that it wasn't supported anymore, i.e. I went on.
There are many, many tools around,

After spending quite some time on checking them out, I also find a relatively simple solution with Powershell.

Seems to work fine.

created a powerscript file (.ps1)

e.g. MoveImages.ps1

for (;;) {
    start-sleep -s 10
    move-item C:\Users\Username\Documents\*.png N:\JPG\Catalog
    move-item C:\Users\Username\Documents\*.jpg N:\JPG\Catalog

then run with powershell.

It may not be as fancy as some tools around, but effective just for this task.

I have NO knowledge of Powershell and scripting, I picked this up from Stackoverflow.
Add the .ps1 file to Windows startmenu, right-click "Run with Powershell", or better
associate .ps1 with Powershell.exe (often ps1 is associated with Notepad)


Just also found a tool named DropIt.
Got it working, partly only: when configured to monitor a folder, it copies the files in there alright.
However, regretfully I could not find a setting that it will only monitor that folder and nót process any subfolders in there.

Probably there are a few other tools around, but they are payware.
Though the price may be justified (because those tools can do a -lot- of other things as well), for this one and only task, well, I tend to first look for 'free solutions' that are also lightweight.

I have SyncBackPro, the installation-file is close to 27MB and it typically is something to run as a separate session, backing up your entire system.


The output of a tool that I use, always being .png files, is defaulted to c:\..\..\documents.
I know that I can entirely move the folder, e.g. from c: to some other partition, like d:

In my case, that is not really a good option: I only want the .png files be moved to a different drive
and it should be done automatically.

I have really no idea if that's possible, or whether I should run some tool in the background or what.

Any suggestions?


(p.s. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask)

Thank you both!
I'll check it out.

Many thanks again.


Up front, I know..., there are many MD5-SHA tools around and I have looked at quite a few.

Regretfully I haven't found the right one, although, one comes very close.

I am looking for a small portable checksum verifier that :

provides following details:
- Filename
- path (optional)
- file size
- modified date
- created date (optional)
- MD5
- SHA1/SHA256
(and maybe some other checking options, like CRC32 or so)

(2) send that to clipboard, but the details should not be side-by-side
i.e. not..  Filename,  path (optional),  file size..etc.
but below each other (like above)

Nirsoft 'HashMyFiles' comes very close.
It is putting the details side-by-side though and I would need to manually adjust that.
Also it does not add text: like
Filename: ...
Filesize :  ...

See screenshot.

SnagIt-08082017 081659.png

Any suggestions?


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS v2.39.0 portable on VM
« on: March 20, 2017, 10:00 AM »

Sorry for the delay... Have been busy with other matters.

As for the above: other clipboard managers do this.
Some test - ArsClip in VM - copied your text above from webbrowsers on host pc.

SnagIt-20032017 155818.png

Don't know . . . I don't see it print multiple pages in forum threads.

That is really great.
But for, regretfully that doesn't work.


Sometimes I'd like to have a .pdf (or .doc) of a multipage forum thread.

AFAIK there are no tools available. Forum often allow a certain maximum number of replies per page only.
So if a forum threads covers 50 replies, with a max of 5 replies per page, it will be 10 pages.
If I'd like to have all the 50 replies, I need to print 10 PDFs and combine them.

That aside, when printing the pages (within Firefox->Print) it will also print unnecessary stuff, like ads, search boxes, headers, footers.

It would be nice if there a tool was available that could print an entire thread.

For example: after launching the tool, the thread URL should be copy-pasted and then the tool should send text to PDF or printer


Microsoft-forum defaultuser0 multiple pages thread

SnagIt-07032017 072313.png

Clipboard Help+Spell / CHS v2.39.0 portable on VM
« on: February 04, 2017, 05:58 AM »

Hi there,
It seems that CHS portable (v.2.39) when 'installed' on VM does not capture the clipboard from the host-pc.

on host-pc - select text, copy (ctrl-c)
go to VM
open any editor: paste (ctrl-v)
text is pasted.

However, nothing is in CHS on VM.

Within VM CHS works fine, so, select the same text in the above editor in VM
ctrl-c  it gets into CHS alright.

Just for your info.


Notetab - no macro as far as I can see.
After installation, looking around for macro features, then closing and relaunching, the trial period is over
and one is sent to the Purchase website. ha!


Abterix - thanks again! Appreciate this.
I checked out PSPad and did the following simple things.
existing text
start recording macro
do a find and replace
stop macro
save macro
(same to .pme ?)
then back to macro - edit macro - empty

tried a few times, but gave up.

Also tried the famous Notepad++ but that editor also doesn't seem to support editing macros.
At least not as simple as UltraEdit.
someone else also asked that
but as a new user one is referred to a rather complicated page that requires a lot of reading and stuff, so I dropped Notepad++

Then there are a lot of other editors like BBEdit, Sublime Text, Atom, etc. but those are focused on writing code, which is not for me.

There is still Notetab (Need to check it out)
EditPadPro is hardly ever mentioned.


First of all: MANY thanks for the feedback!
It is really appreciated.

after a lot of searching I think UltraEdit can do this.

one starts to record a macro, does 1 find and replace in regex
stop recording
save the macro and then add all extra find-and replaces on top.
probably it isn't vbscript as the macro looks very simple, but ... effective and easy to expand

Find RegExp "^-bla-bla"
Replace All "$1-$2-$3"
Find RegExp "^bla bla"
Replace All "$4-$5-$6"
Find RegExp "bla bla"
Replace All "$7-$8-$9"


I have looked at all the above, except for the last reply from abterix. Still need to do that.
But believe UE is relatively straightforward, whereas the above suggestion do have a bit of a 'learning curve',  so to say.
UE issn't cheap though, I must think about it.


Reverting on your feedback.


Living Room / Text editor - macro - multiple regex find and replaces
« on: January 23, 2017, 09:37 AM »
Up front, I am totally unfamiliar with the following.

I would like to do this:
have a text in a text-editor
then run a macro (or something like that) that performs multiple find-and-replace actions based on regex
on selected text

so, a kind of
find regex #1
replace with so and so
find regex #2
replace with another so and so
find regex #3

probably it should be done in a script(?)
I can do a find and replace one by one only but that is a lot of work.

I don't know if there are text editors that can create macro's using multiple regex.

Vainly spent a -lot- of time on finding anything that may lead me into the right direction.

Anyone out there has a tip?

I believe there are no macro recorders that can record multiple find-and-replace actions.



Living Room / Recommendations on video sharing sites
« on: November 16, 2016, 04:46 AM »
Hi folks

Up front, I hardly ever share videos on public sites.
Therefore I have no knowledge of the various 'sharing sites'.

This is what I want/don't want

- don't want to use Youtube
- don't want to use Photobucket (waayyyy too slow, have had a few instances of unsuccessful uploads, because of this)
- don't want to use Camtasia (username appears in the link)
- want to upload anonymously
  or the link to the video should not reveal my name
  I would like to have it similar to e.g. imgur or photobucket or Imageshack, there is no username in the link
- I'd like to paste the link into forums, such as, or phpBB forums
- I very much hesitate to use OneDrive or GoogleDrive to share links to public forums
- preferably, considering the limited number of videos, the site should be free of charge

I see vidme, vimeo and probably there are many others.

AFAIK imgur only accepts images, no video.

Undoubtedly dumb questions, but eh any recommendations?
Why vidme, why vimeo or why any other?
How do the vidme  vimeo URL's look like (when you wish to paste them into a forum post)?  I mean, username remains hidden?
Maybe better options?

Have vainly been seeking a kind of side-by-side comparison.

Thanks a lot!


Hi there,

Up front...
1. sure, there are a lot of (often outdated) reviews on sharing video sites - I spent quite some time on reading, but could not deicde
2. yes, indeed, the below question has nothing to do with Donation coder software, but I don't know where else to ask

That said, I would like recommendations on video sharing websites that :
- are free and reliable/wellknown
- can share a video based on an URL only (such as using on a forum, or share with someone of whom you haven't the email address
- not youtube, not screencast

Recommendations would be appreciated.




for videos that are required for a short period of time, i.e. not for use forums, but rather meant to share with someone based on URL only
(but you don't the direct mail address)

-upload to OneDrive or Google drive
-generate and share the URL


add the video to

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS more colourful default?
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:53 AM »
Hardcoded because whatever you mess up, it is easy to jump back to a style.
Just rename your .ini files to .bak
Then you will be happy to just be able to select layout->default skin and have it back.

Well anyway... it was a suggestion only.


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS more colourful default?
« on: August 04, 2016, 01:36 AM »
Yes, that is my idea. IF interested to do so ... mouser might add 1-2 'skin and color' presets. They should then be hardcoded into CHS and not depending on an .ini file that might be lost/accidentally deleted.
e.g. the
lightblue (RGB 192 255 255, HEX: #C0FFFF)
yellow (RGB 255 255 225, HEX:  #FFFFE1)
Green (RGB 192 255 192, HEX: #C0FFC0)
that you and I are using, that could be built into CHS

and maybe also a 2nd 'set'

all other colors are userdefined (.ini)

BTW I tried to add a color, settings->customs appearance->memo background: 'other colors' then entered e.g. 251 242 178 in the RGB boxes then clicked on [Add to Custom Colors]  button,  but  nothing happened.
tried a few times, it is not added.

Is that the same with you?

SnagIt-04082016 083357.png

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS more colourful default?
« on: August 03, 2016, 07:49 AM »
The only point/suggestion I wanted to make is to just have some default skin/style/colorset (or whatever) that adds somewhat more color to CHS.
see: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=26575.0
Yes, I know, one can go thru settings and stuff and add colors, etc., but that was not what I had in mind.

@f0dder: was just an example. it has very limited possibilities to adjust colors. I think only - AFAIK only untag Area Effect.
but that's it.

SnagIt-03082016 144925.png   SnagIt-03082016 145011.png


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Questions about sorting and formatting
« on: August 02, 2016, 07:52 AM »

You mean this?

SnagIt-02082016 144549.png

( v.2.23)

Clipboard Help+Spell / CHS more colourful default?
« on: August 02, 2016, 02:50 AM »

Hi there,

I just launched the portable version x64 from scratch. Maybe you wish to add some more colors to it?
A positively meant tip only.

Yes I know.. one can set a lot of colors everywhere within CHS, but wouldn't be nicer to have a bit more colorful default skin?

Attached a clipboard copy of donationcoder CHS home page vs a random selected other clipboard manager.

again, positively meant!

SaveMe-FirstRun-02082016 093828.png
CHS-FirstRun-02082016 094209.png

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