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Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Slow
« on: January 23, 2015, 06:08 AM »
Wished CHS Speed could be improved, in case of large numbers of clips.

Clipboard Help+Spell / How to display special characters, like tabs ?
« on: January 13, 2015, 04:23 AM »
Update: I deleted the text of the original post
Reason:  found it -  it is displayed as    \t   in the 'Excerpt' column.
It would be nice if the buton [Highlight] above the preview would highlight
All special characters, not limited to wordwrap.

Just a suggestion.

Under [Modify Format/Case], allow to add specific 'user definied' replacements
replace \t with space
replace new line (\n) with space.
replace carriage return (\r) with space

set as preset

CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-01-13012015 115059.png  ---  CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-02-13012015 115705.png
CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-03-13012015 115737.png  ---  CHS-Tab and carriage return to blanc-04-13012015 115755.png


UrlSnooper / Extract video URL from
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:39 AM »
Let's start with an example

Go to:

In Firefox : Tools-> Page Info Info->General

Somewhere in the lllong URL there is a link to the video file.

Like this:  

Am not sure if URL snooper has a feature to 'extract' this url and downloaded.

Similarly I donot think Clipboard Help & Spell has a feature to 'extract' this.

Yes, one can do this 'manually' (select the url) and then copy paste the url in e.g.DownThemAll.

It would be nice if this was a bit more automated  :-)

SnagIt-29122014 085933.png

SnagIt-29122014 091444.png


UrlSnooper / Re: PACKETT.DLL problem
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:42 AM »
@mouser - pls allow me to step in here : I, as well, started the portable version for the first time today and encountered a missing packet.dll pop-pup.
I then went on to the home page of URL Snooper where I would expect info about installation and/or this packet warning thing.
Regretfully it is not there.
Maybe add a remark there about the installation of the portable version and a link to the installation?

Just a postively meant tip.


Many thanks for the 2.27 version!

Humbly asking if you have been working on this exporting issue ...


It will not support Windows x64 for a fact.
I am running x64 - the workaround is to make use of context menu 'Send To" -> FlashRenamer.
Works well.

The left sidepanel (where one can define what rename actions should be taken) regretfully cannot be resized.

So, if you have a long regex then this is a bit 'so-so'. Also if you have done a number of renames, one can select a previous rename  using the drop down menu. However, if they are all 'long renames' and are starting the same way, then it is difficult to see which one you actually need.  It would be better to have that panel at the bottom, but for sure that won't happen.

These are the only minor thing I can think of.

As nowadays many such tools are for 'free',  users got accustomed to it and do not wish to pay anymore.
Tools like these require quite some development, testing and support and such a fee is really peanuts considering the time spent on it. Personally I have no problem paying for software.

p.s. sometimes renamers have a limit on files to be renamed...
Flash Renamer can handle quite a lot of pages, I mean a lot, 10, 20, 30,000...

General Software Discussion / Flash Renamer - For me: still the best!
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:23 AM »
For some time already I have been looking at many file renamers. Some of the my 'key-requirements' are:

1. drag and drop
2. userfriendly /  intuitive interface
3. regex support
4. portable
5. multiple renames in a single preset (preset: 1st do this, 2nd do that, 3rd do so-and-so)
6. a list of 'corrections' in a kind of batch replace 'text file'  
   (a list with renames like: mp3 -> MP3, dvd -> DVD, but also things like jun00 -> -06-2000)
7. advanced rename features: such as rename files after parent folders

Some screenshots below.

Regretfully, except for patches, from what I know, the tool will not be followed by a new version.

Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-01-18122014 073819.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-02-18122014 073822.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-03-18122014 074001.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-04-18122014 074017.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-05-18122014 074101.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-06-18122014 074112.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-07-18122014 074119.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-08-18122014 074152.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-09-18122014 074209.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-10-18122014 074222.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-11-18122014 074229.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-12-18122014 074247.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-13-18122014 074258.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-14-18122014 074313.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-15-18122014 074322.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-16-18122014 074337.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-17-18122014 074342.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-18-18122014 074346.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-19-18122014 074354.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-20-18122014 074358.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-21-18122014 074403.png  
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-22-18122014 074418.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-23-18122014 074423.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-24-18122014 074429.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-25-18122014 074434.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-26-18122014 074445.png Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-27-18122014 074605.png
Flash Renamer v6.73 Screenshots-rlvision-com-28-18122014 074632.png



I have been puzzling about this whole morning!
Really, I could not figure this out.

Thank you so much. This way is soo much easier indeed.

After trying this that and I don't what (even went as far as to download the drag and drop utility from this site, but left that, cud not figure out how it works)
I just now figured out a context menu item like this Rename REGEXP PATTERN "(.+\d{4})-(\d{4})(\s)(\d{8})\.(.+)" TO \1\\\0
which is much more complicated.

Regretfully the setfoldate would not work here.

Some FileName 1888-0010 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0009 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0008 31121888.pdf

results in folder
Some filename   (without year)

So I had to try and figure out something else.



Hi Folks,

I need to move a lot (i mean a LOT) of files that all look like these:

Some FileName 1888-0010 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0009 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0008 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0007 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0006 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0005 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1888-0004 31121888.pdf
Some FileName 1974-0360 31121974.pdf
Some FileName 1974-0361 31121974.pdf
Some FileName 1975-0001 31121975.pdf
Some FileName 1975-0002 31121975.pdf
Some FileName 1975-0003 31121975.pdf

to subfolders named after the first 3 words, like these

Some FileName 1888
Some FileName 1974
Some FileName 1975

Any suggestions??


when adding a .mp4 and clicking on it, it opens explorer.
will try to figure out how to do this later

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Sorting - latest copy on top
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:06 PM »
no, with me, it is always the case. 
not only at launch, but also when rightclicking taskbar button - show main window

however, also when changing folders within CHS
- folder 'new' is selected. slider is at the top.
- then select 'my notes'
- then go back, slider is at the bottom again


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Sorting - latest copy on top
« on: November 13, 2014, 11:38 AM »
When I launch CHS the slider is at the bottom, the oldest clip, whereas I think it should be at the top.

Like this

Clipboard Help and Spell-slider-13112014 183202.png

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Sorting - latest copy on top
« on: November 12, 2014, 09:41 AM »
The clips are sorted on modified date by default with me, as said, when re-opening CHS I starts off at the bottom, i.e. the oldest clip, even though it is sorted on Modified date. When launched CHS should start at the top, newest clip, at least, that's what I think..

Clipboard Help+Spell / Sorting - latest copy on top
« on: November 10, 2014, 01:32 AM »
It strikes me that each time when I bring up the main window, CHS sorting is so that it starts on the oldest 'entry' , i.e. the olderst data copied.

It is not really a big deal.

I just have to shift the slider

CHS Slider-10112014 082910.png

to the top.

I vainly tried to find an option to have the slider started at the top, i.e. to have the last clipboard copy displayed, instead of the oldest.

Any suggestions?


Many thanks indeed!
However, I am hardly familiar with .ahk scripts and stuff.
wouldn't know how to deal with the above.

1. copy paste into an editor
2. save as (e.g.) CopyAppend.ahk

but... then what?

- where to put?
- how to activate when launching portable.. CHS?
- how to de-activate?




Up front, maybe it is already available, I don't know - haven't found it.

If not, then maybe it would be a new feature...

Hotkey  that "auto-adds" text to previous clip

How I do it now:
select text - Ctrl c
select other text - Ctrl c
select some more text - Ctrl c

open CHS
select the entries
click on merge + ok

it would show like:
this is 1st text
and this is the 2nd part
and this the 3rd

below each other
then I further need to adjust this to:

this is 1st text and this is the 2nd part and this the 3rd

What I would like to suggest
select text - Ctrl-C   (or SomeHotKey, a different one)
select other text - SomeHotKey
select some more text - SomeHotKey

--> in CHS it shows like: this is 1st text and this is the 2nd part and this the 3rd

the result is : this is 1st text and this is the 2nd part and this the 3rd

I capture a photo from a website
below the photo details are displayed, like long title, short title, place, names of people, when shot, photographer, bla bla

now I select
short title (ctrl-c)
place (SomeHotkey)
when shot (SomeHotkey)

resulting in: short title place when shot

this i can paste when naming the screenshot  (save as =>   paste)

again, maybe it is available...


select text - some-hotkey

Screenshot Captor / Larger Toolbar buttons and OCR ?
« on: October 20, 2014, 09:46 AM »
Just downloaded the latest portable version. I admit: I have not used Screenshot Captor.
So 100% as far as SC is concerned.
Created first capture.

I wonder, is it possible to adjust the right hand vertical toolbar?
Say, big buttons and with text ?
Vainly checked out options->advanced tweaking->more interface options, but maybe I should look elsewhere?
Or maybe it isn't possible at all?

Will there also be a text-capture (OCR like) in future?
i.e. a screenshot with text - the text is OCR'ed and then copy pasted into something else.

If I drag capture1 onto capture2 (as object) I can rotate capture1. The angle is fixed, 90 degr.
Is it possible to rotate it manually ?  If not, is it on the todo-list?


I think so yes, I took a number of clips, then took -say- the 5th from the top and same occurred. Maybe you give it a try?

Then, most likely I am doing something wrong.

My steps
1. in options misc. options tag "As soon as text is highlighted/selected in clip memo, copy it to clipboard" (2nd item)
2. select formatted text and copy to clipboard
3. select text only  (do not click on the copy to clipboard button)
4. a new item is created
5. paste into word

when using the copy clip to clipboard button and then paste into word, the text is pasted as plain text.

SnagIt-17102014 131716.png


Under Options - Misc. Options 2

Add a new option: As soon as text is highlighted/selected in clip memo, copy it to clipboard as plain text

Most probably this option may be used to copy parts of a clip to clipboard so to use it elsewhere, i.e. in other
applications, such as Word, Outlook or so.
If it is copied as plain text, so it will not mess up the format in the other application.

My suggestion is a bit like this...


SnagIt-17102014 071200.png


Yes, there definitely are a number of tools around doing the same thing.
It is a matter of personal taste I suppose.

I donot use Total Commander, but Directory Opus.
Just counted the number of clicks to get to  the below view (around 13). It does not support drag and drop, so you have to
click, click, expand, click ... to select folder 1 and click,click, click... to select folder 2.
On top I need to do some window resizing to see the differences, etc.
After the job that I again need to some extra clicks to close the view and and resize window panels back to normal again.

Opus Folder Compare-Synchronize-13-10-2014 11-19-02.png

Now within Beyond Compare the steps are kept to an absolute minimum. Rightclick folder 1, right click folder b, compare is launched.

BeyondCompare Click 1-2  13102014 112831.png

Beyond Compare Result-13102014 113838.png

all that said, I guess for Mouser it is not a big issue to create a portable update or something  :-)


Please allow me to comment on the matter of updating a portable version.

As for me, I am using a 3rd party tool (Beyond Compare) to do a foldercompare of the existing portable version with the new, extracted folder and only update what is necessary, such as the .exe or .chm files.
Folders like Backups, Database, Presetviews and .ini, .dat files, i.e. 'user'-files/folders to be skipped.

Maybe, one time in future, a small 'PortableUpdater' cud be added?
Alternatively have a portable update zip, containing the changed files and folders only?


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Clipboard Help+Spell Screencasts
« on: October 10, 2014, 08:28 AM »
Here some screenshots of v.2.26


Many thanks Mouser, that solved it.
Also many thanks for the quick reply.

ps  : yes, I am indeed using the portable version


A bit similar to the issue "Jump to oldest in case of some merged clips actions (minor.. issue)", november last year.

Say you are in the folder [New]  in the tree left.
Go to e.g. [My Notes]
and then back to [New]

You'll need to scroll up to the top.

Maybe this is a small thing to fix ?

Keep up the good work!

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