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Hi gHacks,

I have made some updates to the script, I believe the issue you may have experienced was related to using a non Firefox browser, any way I hae amended the code to not utilize unsafeWindow and this should resolve your issue.

Thanks for the feedback gHack, please can you either PM me or post a reply to the webbrowser you are using and also supply a url you are using for testing, are you a Rapidshare premium user ?

The real benefit is the script is available to many web browsers without change, and you are able to add your own customizations to your own chosen web sites with minimal effort.

I use a modified version of this script mainly to customize sites I visit regularly, to modify elements which allows me to view the information that interests me, and in the form I prefer.

NoDelay v1.4.20100414.1

NoDelay automates the navigation to the download links on many upload sites by automating the non user processes, and only alerts the user when an actual user intervention is required to complete a task.

NoDelay also allows you to customize any part of a web site page, to add/remove/alter elements and in turn change the web site behaviour, via a small library of scripting commands in Javascript.

For example, removing the Ads and logos, remove the AdBlock checks if you use it, automate web actions, etc.

If you wish to check whether you have the latest version of NoDelay installed, then you could type either of the URI below in the address bar of your web browser, and this test will be performed.

    * check.nodelay

If you would like additional links to be included, or wish to report any issues, please leave a comment and I will endevour to fulfil your request.

I would also be interested in the scripts you make for yourself as well, again please leave a comment.

The script should work in:

    * Firefox (install Greasemonkey first)
    * Google Chrome (no plug-in required)
    * Opera (no plug-in required)
    * Safari (install GreaseKit first)
    * Internet Explorer (install IE7Pro, download the script, change the extension to .ieuser.js, copy the file to c:\program files\iepro\userscript and enable the script in IE7Pro's settings dialog)

Note: You may need to enable Javascript for the web sites if you are using a different web browser than Firefox.
2006.11.24 - First release
2006.11.27-2007.05.30 - Site updates
2010.04.14 - Code and site list refactoring

Approx 200 sites are listed, also you can your own.

System Path Commander / Re: SPC - Hardcore
« on: May 31, 2008, 02:38 AM »
SPC v1.34+ Hardcore released

System Path Commander / Re: SPC - Hardcore
« on: May 18, 2008, 11:40 PM »
very interesting.. what are the new features?
Added to the sticky


You might like to test the Hardcore version.


Regards Chris

System Path Commander / SPC - Hardcore
« on: May 18, 2008, 11:01 AM »
This is the Hardcore version of System Path Commander, it is intended for experienced Hard core users who know there way around the Windows Registry, if you are not one of these users DO NOT use this version.

All configuration is done via the ini file "spc.spi".

I have included an "example_spc.spi" for the more advanced users which illustrates some extra settings to allow you too fully customize your usage of SPC.

NOTE: Before using this on your productive registry keys, it is highly advisable to test throughly whether SPC can perform the tasks, you expect of it.

The main feature is that all mappings are user customizable from the config file.

If you have a single delimitor string in the registry this can be split across many lines in a GUI to aid administration of the entries in a simple visual way, before only Path was captured, now anything can be configured for example PATH, INCLUDE, CLASSPATH etc....

Also within the registry you have lists of strings which relate to certain functions ( ie: development components ), these are now handled in the same user friendly way as above.

The above allows you to load and unload development components before starting your development IDE to minimize your memory footprint while developing solutions for clients.

Within the example_spc.spi file, there are three examples, they relate to the LOCAL and SYSTEM PATH mappings, and the Development Component mappings.

Convert to long or short names depending on your requirement.

Check / Inverse / Convert Short/Long file name actions are now processed on all selected items.

Now supports additional ini files for the true masters, note these are called at start time, and you can also switch between up to 10 additional ini file at
runtime using the key combo CTRL+1 etc, the new ini file name is expected to be spc.spi.1 (default) or in the example below network.spi.1

spc.exe network.spi

Key Combo:
Select ALL - CTRL+A

Realtime Change ini file - CTRL+0 ... CTRL+9

CTRL+0 ..Reload base ini file, dropping your changes.

The ini file used is listed in the Window caption.

If you run as a limited user, you are still able to use spc, if you need admin rights to change something then you are automatically prompted for this.

You will notice I have reintroduced the old Copy and Move functions, as I still see a use for this.

You will now be asked to install spc on first use, so that you adhere to the new administratrive model of windows, if you wish to use a specific spi, just provide it as a parameter on the command line, or via the shortcut on the desktop.


Disclaimer: Application is provided as is, no one is responsible for any changes except the user pressing the Update button, until this happens, nothing changes on your system.

1.34..Fixed two bugs, added more functions, and also the ability to utilise user elevation actions if needed.
1.33..Fixed a bug, added more functions.
1.32..Hardcore Public release

Hi urlwolf,

I do not want to do anyone out of money, but here my thoughts to your problems.

1..Check you have rights to update the file or registry section that your mouse driver writes too.

2..Check IE's proxy is using the vpn proxy.

hope it helps.


General Software Discussion / Re: Storage on the go
« on: November 02, 2005, 01:09 PM »
Hi m_s,

Depending on your budget maybe have a look at some handheld Media Players, as most can transfer files from cameras, PC's, etc to these without a PC, via a USB, mini USB etc.

Also an extra benefit is they can carry around some pictures or a home movie of their kids or something, as well.


General Software Discussion / Re: fucking site it's a rip offf
« on: October 28, 2005, 01:59 PM »
A few years ago, when I was in the UK I attended a town fete, a few years running, which was based on a top of a cliff, they regularly had fly passes by the Red Arrows, Harriers, Spitfire, Hurricaine, Mig 21, french jet Dassault or something.

The amazing thing is the level of the fly by, as the fete was at the top of a cliff, which ran for a mile or so, the pilots would fly at the same level as the cliff top, and you could actually see the detail within the canopy of their cockpits as they flew past, which was probably no more then a 100 yards away.

Watching the Harrier dance before your eyes at that level is truly something else, especially the noise that Jet engine makes.

It puts a totally different view on the planes when you see them so close while flying, not to mention the noise.

If you don't C it, you could Basically Query the User base, fur dein Antwort oder vielleicht folgen MS Zugang und ausschalten dein computer ;)

Jibz and Mouser erst teilen fur die and zweit teilen fur originell Poster.

Sorry if it is out of place, I just thought it was amusing, that someone goes to the trouble of posting a negative comment without contacting the webmaster or author first  :)

Maybe it is the sign of our time, that we expect instant gratification at every moment of our waking hour, and the fact that something is free or as good as free, does not preclude the fact that we expect more from someone else then we are willing to put time in ourselves.



Installed PHP a while ago, without testing so I thought this would be an idea time to test the issue you are experencing, I experienced the same, probably because I did not install a web server and php together on a windows box.

Solution just associate the .php and .php3 files with the php.exe executable in the normal windows way, use shift+right click if you do not get the open with context menu item.

Then you can just drop the .php files on your web browser and windows uses the local associate for the file as it is viewed locally .


Thanks for the good suggestion dnm, I have made the necessary changes, and the latest spc.exe should be available shortly


Maybe also have the option of Changing the case to all upper, or all lower or first upper and the rest lower.

If this is included it would suddenly appear on my pc ;)

As this is one of the pains I experience on daily basis when using various programs, and not noticing the content on screen until I have finished typing the line or more often the case several lines at a time.


Living Room / Re: Mascot needed
« on: July 03, 2005, 02:32 AM »
Cat slumped over the keyboard a sleep, with the words " is my life, and what a life" typed on the screen, a coffee mug with written on it, not forgetting the t-shirt emblazen with ""

And maybe the phone ring appearing to ring in the background

Best Virtual Machine Tool / Re: A Gift from VMWare
« on: May 28, 2005, 03:02 PM »
A Big Hearty Thank You goes out to mouser, and the guys at VMWare.

I am looking forward to having a free moment to download and install VMWare, and seeing what it is capable of.

And hopefully resolve issues in multiple Guest OS.


np KC,

Have fun with it :)


v1.18 of spc has been uploaded to mouser, now you just have to wait until, mouser has processed it.

You can now customize the colours to your personal taste or needs :)


Living Room / Re: Cool short videos for the weekend
« on: May 23, 2005, 08:02 AM »

I am not sure if you like this sort of thing, but if you are a little geeky then this one is for you ;)

I think the audience must be total geeks, but the presentation is good.



Thanks for the feedback.

As KC indicated this is a valid point for users with different visual needs, and as such there will be v1.18 with Colour configuration, I will implement this when I get home tonight, and hopefully it will be on line in 12hrs or so.


Developer's Corner / Re: where to start learning
« on: May 19, 2005, 07:11 AM »

AT&T researcher Bjarne Stroustrup built the first version of C++ in 1983  ;)

Don't be too put out on stuff you buy on ebay, I was looking to replace the mobile phone I lost.
And I was very happy to win the bid, but when then item arrived, it was a very bad state, I mean
it more to return to its mint state, as this was the state of the phone I lost.

It is very close to finding itself, in the bin one of these days, when I can be bother to open the drawer I put it in.

Not to mention the old story of purchasing a service, on ebay pay in advance as the contract indicates, setup every thing only to find that service has been withdrawn.

I am slightly waring of anything I bid for in ebay, but I must admit I did have one success, bidded slightly more than what I planned, but the cost was still low enough to be a bargin, albeit for two months until the new price dropped below the bid price, but hey I am still using it, and it still works fine.


I thought I would create a little GUI app to do this, the idea was fairly simple to start with,
but it has since been extended many times via the requests from mouser

I cannot thank mouser enough for the name of the app, icon, and especially the testing and ideas :) , but the extra work, hmm maybe ;).

But as you will see soon, I hope you think it is worth it, at least I can say I definitely will use this app.


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