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Post New Requests Here / Re: Open clipboard content with program.
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:44 PM »
Works like a charm. Thank you Mouser! :)

Post New Requests Here / Open clipboard content with program.
« on: March 20, 2015, 05:55 PM »
To be as simple as possible, I'm looking for a program or an AHK script that can take the contents of the clipboard and send it to a program to be opened in.

My idea is basically: copy/paste a URL to a video and then following a key combination or clicking on a tray icon, send it to my installation of MPV (as it streams a wider variety of web videos than say, VLC).

I don't know the mileage of this beyond sending youtube/dailymotion links to mpv, but the avoidance of flash player alone would be helpful. You set a file path (or maybe several paths for different file types), copy a URL to a video/image/document, and then hit a key combination or click a tray context menu to paste the link from the clipboard into the program's launch path. I know this is possible because of browser addons for Firefox and Chrome like OpenWith, but those require you to be inside of the browser, looking at an embedded link. A file inside of a flash player or raw URL in an instant message are unable to utilize this function.

Outstanding, works magnificently. Thank you!

The wonderful people over here at DonationCoder never cease to surprise me. Any suggestion for getting a borderless/undecorated/no title bar appearance?

Thanks Miles, the script works fine, but it didn't quite achieve what I was going for.

I already have a hotkey to open the mixer, I was just looking for something that changed the behavior of the mixer window slightly so that it would auto close when it lost focus.

I'm looking for a better way to get to my volume mixer in one click, preferably without having to run another volume control program.

I was wondering if it's possible a AutoHotKey script could change this behavior to where I can click the volume icon in the tray and instead of getting the master volume control, it'd display the mixer, but in a window that functions like the master volume control in that, it is undecorated (no title bar/window borders) and hides/closes when it loses focus. If not a script perhaps a safe registry hack? ;)

I already have a simple AHK script that allows me to hold control and click the middle mouse button on the taskbar to get mixer to pop up in a new window (as it normally functions when you click the master volume control and click "Mixer") but I'm wondering if someone could put together a better way to accomplish this.

I'm willing to bet there is another 3rd party mixer that will do this for me, but I'd rather not install another program since the Windows 7 volume mixer does the job just fine and portability in something like an AHK script is preferred. Though I am open to suggestions of programs (with a focus on being as lightweight and portable as possible) if this request is simply too picky.

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