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I am searching for a solution to change between these 2 file formats quickly (best: changing it via a shortcut e.g. via AutoHotkey...) and afterwards making a screenshot via the "usual way" = (in my case) by pressing the print screen key and then by choosing an option of the post capture menu (by the way: I added some more shortcuts for this menu with AutoHotKey, e.g. for uploading an image directly to and similar specific needs)...

... and not doing this "circuitous" by right clicking on the icon in the system tray - preferences - choosing the file format - clicking Accept

... because I change this setting very often a day and want to do this "very quickly" :)

PS: sorry, my German is much better than my English ;)


referring to my thread: "Feature request: quickly switch between PNG und JPG"

Is there a command line option to change the file format?

In the help file I discovered "only" these options for a running instance of TC:

Usefile commandline options to use on an already-running copy of ScreenshotCaptor (the second instance won't run but it will pass the command to the first instance):
 -ccpath  (copy current/last screenshot filepath to clipboard)
 -ccbitmap (copy current/last screenshot image bitmap to clipboard)
 -ccfile (copy current/last screenshot file to clipboard)

Thanks a lot!

... and PNGs "like" wide areas with less colors and less details :)

... ah, I have the solution for "my" feature ;)

-> integrating a "format switcher" in the context menu of Screencaptor in the System Tray, as stand alone menu oder e.g. in "capture options"

... or am I the only person who


sometimes I need the path of a taken screenshot as PNG in my clipboard, sometimes as JPG (dependent on the captured area: photos vs. text) -- without saving it first as PNG or as JPG and then copying its path into the clipboard (e.g. for uploading it to facebook & co.).

When I need several screenshots as PNGs, I am changing the file format in the preferences -- and vice versa. But this step is a little bit circuitous (at least for me and my special needs ;))

So, a further option or similar in the post-capture window would be very useful to quickly switch between these two formats.

What's your opinion? ;)

Thanks a lot!

PS: maybe another "great idea" as my wish for such a post-capture window: https://www.donation...57.msg34117#msg34117 :) :)

Screenshot Captor / Re: Confiuring the post-capture window?
« on: June 24, 2013, 12:23 PM »
Thank you very much!

By the way: sometimes I want to attach a screenshot to an email (working with Tunderbird/windows). So I am using this little autohotkey script, active only when the post capture dialog box is open and activated just by simply pressing the key "t":

#IfWinActive, ahk_class TPostCapture2Form
clipboard =
Send, c    ;# copy file path
ClipWait, 1
sleep, 500   ;# wait "another" half a second
Run, thunderbird.exe -compose "attachment='%clipboard%'"

Or e.g. this little helper script -- shorter than the button "Send to...":

;# key P: open the file directly in Photoshop
clipboard =
Send, c
ClipWait, 200
Run, "%path_photoshop%" "%clipboard%"

And so on :)

The new 2 options are perfect! With this options I do not need one of my Autohotkey scripts any more to simulate the old behaviour ;)


Screenshot Captor / Re: Confiuring the post-capture window?
« on: May 03, 2013, 04:38 AM »
Try using alt+key shortcut -- that should still work I think.
Yes, but then I need two fingers... this would be an interrupt of my (previous) workflow...
But now I am using an autohotkey script (not only to take control over screenshot captor) -- just by typing eg "s" the button "Save image..." will be "called".
Or by typing "f" the keys "!ch" are triggered and I get the file path into my clipboard. The fastest way. And -- yes -- I am using your tool quite often! :)

In short: it would be great to configure this dialog window. E.g. to disable the comment field
Yes i think this might be in order.
Now with my very little scripts ;) the comment field (which I don't need) will be omitted.

it had been implemented [Please correct me:  "had been" is wrong, isn't it?]
"it was implemented" would be be better, if you are referring to something that was implemented in the past.  if you are remarking on a brand new feature you might say instead "has been implemented".
Thank you very much for your English lection :)

Screenshot Captor / Confiuring the post-capture window?
« on: April 26, 2013, 08:31 AM »

long, long ago I wished to have such a post-capture dialog window as a quick option menu -- and, wow, it had been implemented [Please correct me:  "had been" is wrong, isn't it?]
-> https://www.donation...dex.php?topic=4857.0

Just simply by typing eg "h" I got the screenshot into the clipboard and the dialog window was closed.
Now the comment field is active and I can't select one of the buttons with just "one key" -- and so on...

In short: it would be great to configure this dialog window. E.g. to disable the comment field or to define which buttons should be directly accessible and not via sub menus and similar.

best regards, mtemp

Wonderful, thank you!


the program settings menu needs a search form as it is implemented eg in UltraEdit!

... because I can't find this setting:

[Feature] New option to tell SC not to save active window internal meta data to file comment meta data; useful if you are using images with an application that extracts and uses file comment meta data.

Where can I activate this feature (not to save any meta data)?

thanks a lot!

Screenshot Captor / Making screenshots with ratio?!
« on: September 15, 2012, 02:36 PM »

I can't see the option to define a ratio for making screenshots. E.g. 3:2 or 4:3.
Sometimes I make screenshots (selected region) of photos, but want them to be in 3:2 ratio.

Is there an option I can't find?

Thanks, mtemp

I am using Vista64, too.
Installed the latest version few minutes ago over an older one, maybe version 2.7x

-> I have the same problem now in this latest version: the path to the previous is copied into the clipboard, not the actual one!

And, yes, I am using this popup window -- it was my feature request ;))


Screenshot Captor / Re: Request: make freehand annotations
« on: April 02, 2008, 09:19 AM »
Fast Editor? Ok, I have to switch to a faster one instead of Photoshop ;)

Does it make sense to have this button in the popup menu e.g. instead of "<-- Disable..."?


Screenshot Captor / Request: make freehand annotations
« on: March 28, 2008, 05:17 AM »
first of all: I am using Screenshot all the day ;)

... and I would using it night & day when there would be the possibility to draw / make annotations freehand (like brushes in Photoshop). I have a graphic tablet and this would be a great help and a nice feature.


Screenshot Captor / Re: [2.18.04] Suggestions
« on: August 17, 2006, 08:13 AM »
Or: after making the screenshot there could appear a small "kontext menu" or something like with several options: open the program, copy captured region only to the clipboard and/or to file, and so on.

> I think this is a great idea ...
thanks ;-))
... and thank you for this really great program.

>it would show menu with:...
a) maybe in later versions the user can define own menu entries (eg in combination with the scripting ability, "user scripts")
b) the entries should be activated by the keyboard -> "Open Captor" (sometimes faster than using the mouse where you at first have to navigate to this menu)

> You can exit from the File menu (Alt+F then x).
Sorry, I mean to close the program to the tray -> after making the shot und editing it within Captor I want to close Captor to the tray ("hide") as fast as possible...

Greetings, Carlos

Screenshot Captor / [2.18.04] Suggestions
« on: August 17, 2006, 06:58 AM »
I've tried several screenshot programs:

In most cases I only want to capture rectangled areas of different sizes to the clipboard (for email, inserting into word, photoshop, ...). PrintScreen is a small program und works fine. But you can't add simple arrows, text or rectangles -> this would be a nice feature for e.g. tutorials. And you can't add a thin border. Later I've found Winsnap. There you can add a border and even a nice looking shadow. But the handling is not so comfortable.
So I tried Faststone FSCapture which has such features. But the handling especially of the graphic functions (adding text, ...) is circuitous, too.

And now I'm trying Screenshot Captor... There are many, many features -- maybe too much ;)

# Problem: I've installed it with administrator rights (you need administrator rights, or?). But with restricted rights under XP you can't save the preferences, or?

# Strg+Q for deleting files is a uncommonly shortcut in XP, or? Usually you can close a program. But there is no shortcut for closing Captor (only Alt-F4?). For me it would be nice to close the program just by pressing "Esc" -- the easiest and fastest way.

# Sometimes I need the program window (to add text, ...) and sometimes I need only the captured region in  the clipboard just without any changes. So ist would be nice e.g. to assign a shortcut key to open (or not to open) Screenshot Captor after making a screenshot. Or: after making the screenshot there could appear a small "kontext menu" or something like with several options: open the program, copy captured region only to the clipboard and/or to file, and so on.


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