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It would make my life so much easier if you would add an option to SCREENSHOT CAPTOR to allow users set the CAPTURE resolution for newly captured images to a selection of higher DPIs.  I need my captures to be 600 dpi (pixels per inch).  Thank you.  I love this little utility!

ok.  that makes sense.  thanks  I hadn't wanted to do that to save RAM but I am about to double my RAM from 16 to 32 so that should take care of that. 

Based on your feedback I decided to uninstall it again and tell it to delete all previous settings. This seems to have made a HUGE difference. I also notice that it wants to open best and fastest from the little hidden icon box in the right end of the taskbar.  Pinning it to the taskbar and using that as a way to open it and even using the shortcut on the desktop is way slower for some reason.  Just discovered this.

No network, no USB, saving directly to an SSD drive.  I am saving screenshots to the SSD but not intentionally storing them in Captor.  Captor keeps a list to the left of the screen of screenshots.  It got really slow this morning and now it is doing something weird with the little popup that comes on after the screenshot is taken, to name and choose file format, which I routinely use.  That is now behaving strangely and I don't know why.  I will try to figure out the AV exclusion suggestion.  Don't know what that is.  thanks for your reply.

HI,  Ever since I installed the most recent version of ScreenshotCaptor (which I use frequently and LOVE) it has been very sluggish about opening.  I have it on my toolbar at the bottom of my home screen (two monitors) and have to click on it several times to get it to open.  Sometimes there is a delay and it opens once, sometimes the backlog of clicks causes it to open two or three times.  In the past, once open, it has worked as expected.  Now, I have recently upgraded my graphics card to a much more powerful model and it is EVEN WORSE, not only was the program hard to get open, it has behaved erratically.  So bad, in fact, that I just uninstalled and reinstalled it just in case it was some sort of problem with the program itself, but it seems to still be an issue, at least with getting it to open.  Nothing else is behaving so strangely with the new graphics card.  There was a little flickering yesterday but NVIDIA said the driver wasn't current so we fixed that.  Today, so far, all is well otherwise.
I have just been putting up with this ever since the Jan 2020 version of ScreenshotCaptor was released, but given the newfound problems with the new graphics card, I realized I should have told you about it when it first occurred.

I am running the current version of Windows 10 Pro.

Anyone else having such issues?? 

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