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Which cleaner do you use if I may ask,

TuneUp Utilities every day on a schedule, seems very stable and have used it for some years now
occasionally CCleaner's registry cleaner I also use CCleaner every day just to clean
I defrag everyday with perfectdisk again very stable

I use XP home and if I don't use the three programs above I notice a difference so am very pleased with them

I use end it all but have just downloaded (but not tried) smartclose from


Patteo - THANKS After your reply I had another go at reinstalling powermarks
I used End It All to close down everything but the system 
I then used Revo uninstaller to uninstall and clean the registry
I then did a clean install

AND IT WORKED  :Thmbsup:

I now realise again how good it actually is - It just works

Thanks Patteo I thought I had lost it  :-[


I also use powermarks but the since upgrading to IE v7.0.5730.13 I cant seem to get the powermarks toolbar to show I have tried reinstalling powermarks but no joy.  :(

I have tried Power Favourites but find the lack of a last visited column restrictive
Also the lack of time added in the Add date column
miTaggedMarks imported the times visited strait from powermarks Power Favourites didn't
I also find the lack of the rating column annoying

Powermarks is the benchmark for any program I am looking for, no bells and whistles just a program that does its job  :)

I have tried linkman pro and once I got rid of the bits I didn't want on screen found it really good
again though it did not import the visited numbers from powermarks
What I do like about it is from the linkman tool bar in IE7 I can add URLs easily but I can also type into the search as you type box and as you type it shows the results in a box next to it so more that not I do not even need to open the linkman main screen for most of my searching.
If I do need to I can use a hotkey or just open the main screen from the toolbar

I would like to get the toolbar for powermarks working but if not so far for me linkman pro comes next then Power Favourites

As others have said Power Favourites is getting there it just needs to copy all the features that make powermarks so good ( more customisation etc ) and then it could be a winner 

General Software Discussion / Re: Image organizer recommendations
« on: September 12, 2008, 05:51 PM »
I use Proshow gold for slide shows, its not cheap but seems to do a lot and it works  :D
I had problems with slide shows with Adobe Photoshop Elements and it kept crashing  :mad:

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