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I'm surprised that no one brought this up here yet, so I will do albeit a little late  :D

Simon Aarons found out that Google Pixel's built-in cropping tool "Markup" does not properly remove cropped data from PNG images. What happens if you crop down to only 25% of the image? Well the other 75% of the image are not cropped, are not erased, the data remains in the .png file. Only the space needed for the 25% is overwritten in the file. If you shared this image, it's possible to recover some of this 75% data that was supposed to be deleted.

That's not all. It turned out, Microsoft's Windows cropping tool commits the exact same bug. God knows if this was intentional and how many sensitive images are out there now.

How did people not notice the image size not being reduced? At least Screenshot Captor shows the size in the info bar at the bottom :)

Original post:
13 minute video with explanation by Computerphile

Setting up Wi-Fi the proper way is like science in itself. Before you get to drown in actually technical details, you'll first drown in untechnical and superficial "troubleshooting" articles written for the average Joe, trying to find worthy information. Well and last time I got to the details my head began to boil... it's just way too much.
A couple quick tips though:
  • As @Shades correctly pointed out, make sure all your channels are spaced out. Any channels in between will cause interference onto neighbouring frequencies.
  • Make sure to disable 802.11b/g if you're not using them. Especially leaving -b enabled might cause nasty fallbacks onto that slow protocol. I've once helped a person who had 'random 1-2s lags every 15min or so' who lived next to a busy street
  • Optimize beacon intervals etc. to not obstruct the air time. iirc dd-wrt/openwrt wikis had good technical explanations
  • Moar signal strength is not always better. It should be as strong as is needed for a stable signal between transponder and receiver. If A -> B always succeeds, but B -> A has trouble, you can increase signal strength on A all you want, just needlessly extending the radius of A's signal (and causing interference to neighbours).
If you want some general advice and success stories, look for Conference AP setups people. They've seen it all.

Living Room / Youtube will hide dislike counts under all videos
« on: November 13, 2021, 07:31 AM »
A couple days ago, Youtube announced it will remove the dislike counts under videos, citing few reasons (or excuses). You can listen to the announcement video here: [3:02]
In December they'll also restrict API access to dislike counts, with special treatment of select applicants (source: email).

Today, co-founder of Youtube, Jawed Karim commented under that video criticising the change:
Matt doesn't look excited because he knows it's the wrong decision.
-jawed 3 hours ago
Moreover, after 16 years of inactivity he changed the description of the famous first ever public video on Youtube "Me at the zoo" now featuring these lines (if memory serves me right, it never had a description):
When every YouTuber agrees that removing dislikes is a stupid idea, it probably is. Try again, YouTube 🤦‍♂️

Youtube dislike count founder jawed comment proof video-2021.11.13_13-09-30__firefox.png
Note: The commenter "A K" is not entirely wrong. Jawed's comment was near the very top shortly after posting. Now 3 hours in, it's hidden quite deep under "more comments". Had I not known of its existance, I'd not have found it again.

I totally disagree with the removal of dislike counts. Now whether you like it or not, but the trend started with Justin Bieber's "Baby" in 2010 and it was hilarious for those participating in the culture at the time. Though soon this entire list will be historical: https://en.wikipedia...liked_YouTube_videos Last but not least the curious case of sympathy with the official White House channel.
No, the actual reasons for me as a viewer are practical. Once you step outside of your subscription list (something YT too tries to abolish), like searching for a video to resolve a problem - the like/dislike ratio becomes a very helpful tool to not waste your time on absolute dumpster fire of poor/spam videos. Many desktop users have been using browser extensions to display that ratio under thumbnails.
Google's sole motive is probably their 'engagement' or viewing duration metric. To me its wasted time spent on an unhelpful/misleading video, to them it's monetizable time when they can insert more adverts. If it is about nicer human interaction for them... well comments are still there by default. People are people and hiding the dislike button will not remove negative commentary per se.

The channel owners always have had these options:
  • Disable likes & dislikes
  • Disable comments
Instead of adding another option to that list (only disable dislikes), Youtube made it mandatory for all. They must've really wanted it not to be optional.
What do you think?

Site/Forum Features / Forum Digests are sent even when empty
« on: March 15, 2021, 07:00 PM »
Hi, it's been a while.
I enabled "For topics and boards I've requested notification on, notify me: [Daily]" in my profile and noticed that this also sends a totally empty e-mail when nothing has happened. This seems like an oddity of this forum software? On other boards I've visited, this usually means "send me notification updates at most once per day when something happened"  :huh:

Now I've set it to just "instantly", that's gotta do it then  ;D Forum - Daily Digest


Below is a summary of all activity in your subscribed boards and topics at Forum today. To unsubscribe please visit the link below.;area=notification;u=404274

The Forum Team.
-Example of email

Quick answer (on my phone currently):
From my perspective the transparency capture used to work and at some point it stopped functioning properly (pretty sure my fault, changing settings etc); but the window is in the middle of the screen and there was plenty of space in all directions yet the window is moved when borders (dis-)appear.
I will double-check all settings tomorrow and test my settings on a clean SC install in parallel.
Thank you guys for the quick replies!

@ayryq, I'm aware of this but it's not a bug - it's my messed up capturing settings where the black border appears around the window to capture transparency (I'm too lazy to fix/reset the settings). The window's position changes when the black border is displayed thus the "shadow" of the text.

The title says it all. The bug is not persistent, but occured ~80% of the time to me.

1) Take a screenshot
2) Select an area
3) Try to pixelate inside the area
4) Look for text "shining" through the pixelated area

1st attachment: Original screenshot
[ Invalid Attachment ]  // I don't know,  [ attach ] doesn't seem to work?

2nd attachment: Pixelated screenshot
[ Invalid Attachment ]

3rd: How it looks like in Screenshot Captor
[ Invalid Attachment ]

PS: Another small bug: Using screenshot name template "%customdate%__%filename%" works on other programs (%filename% on Explorer.exe = "explorer") but doesn't work for me on Screenshot Captor itself (equals nothing, like the 3rd attachment)

Try to scroll-capture this page:

The capturing itself works well (besides I couldn't get a proper auto-scroll with the newest Firefox Beta). But: when it comes to overlapping settings, changing any value results in a "There's not enough memory for this action" message. I've 16GB of RAM and set Memory Usage to 5000MB in ScreenshotCaptor (a 32-bit program though ;))

Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC + Dropbox + AutoIT = awesomeness
« on: August 26, 2013, 05:11 PM »
@mouser: Hi, thanks and thank you for a good tl;dr :)
Do you mean to use that as a "3rd party uploading tool" (to move to dropbox+copy URL)? It's a really cool idea, I didn't think about that. With some command line tweaks it could work ;)
And yes, I thought about "bruteforcing" the whole screenshot folder for valid screenshots, but I didn't really care about this (at least yesterday).

@cmpm, what do you mean by the first sentence? Couldn't understand you :/
About dropboxlinker... might be useful, especially when you want to share multiple files/URLs, but most of the time I put single files or .zip archives manually into dropbox so it isn't hard to me to make 2 clicks to get a link. Anyway, different purposes, different programms. (I also doubt one can add it as a tool)

Screenshot Captor / [Outdated] SSC + Dropbox + AutoIT = awesomeness
« on: August 25, 2013, 04:21 PM »
UPD 2018: Dropbox has permanently and indefinitely disabled Public folders for all users. This has no use anymore.

I didn't know exactly where to post this; move the thread if I was wrong.

The first time I saw ScreenshotCaptor, I wondered how powerful this tool is and why almost nobody uses it. While the second question remains unanswered, we will make use of SC's customization.
This is not a real tutorial (How-to), but rather a way how I did that and some help for you to get more or less the same result.

Note: As of 4th October 2012 registered Dropbox users no longer receive a 'public' folder automatically (read and https://www.dropbox....enable_public_folder)

As you know SC has 3 ways to upload your screenshot:
  • built-in uploader (imageshack /
  • ShareX
  • Custom Uploader Tool

But I didn't like any of these:
1) I don't want to have my screens to be spread over the Internet by uploading them to all kinds of sites
2) I didn't want to install any additional software
3) Same as 2

...but I had Dropbox. One of many (nowadays) cloud services. Simple and fast. Since I mainly make screenshots to share them (with friends or whoever) I decided to save all screenshots into the dropbox folder.
It was pretty good although not really "user-friendly", because:
1) I had to right-click on SC (which is permanently hidden on my toolbar)
2) then "Explore at screenshot directory",
3) scroll down to the latest screenshot
4) right-click to copy Public link (see note)
5) paste it.

A long, annoying way just to get a link, isn't it? I did that work for every screenshot I wanted to share since February this year until I found out that SC lets you to run a program after capturing.

So I thought why not automatically put a ready link to the clipboard?
It was really simple to do in AutoItw (11 lines, including customization | Source code avaible in the attachment).

How it works:
  • You make a screenshot that will be saved in your dropbox folder
  • SC runs your script (.exe)
  • The script puts a ready-to-paste URL into your clipboard
  • ???

How to make it work with Dropbox:
  • Make sure you have a Public folder
  • Set the screenshot folder to be inside your public folder
  • Go to Basic Capturing/Post-capture Options
  • Enable "Commandlines to run" and
  • Put path to the .exe [space] %file% [space] [your URL / prefix]   (see screenshot in the attachments for an example)
D:\GameZone2\Au3\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenCaptor_1.2_x64.exe %file%
Note: You need to replace the '999999' with YOUR ID and everything afterwards is the path to your screenshot folder.

Enjoy your instant screenshots!

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