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How about windows explorer? not possible  :(

Hi Skwire and thanks for reply..

I understand what you mean about capturing drag event, I didn't see anything similar too.
How about when you are touching screen edge or corner?


Something like the DropZone window is 95% hidden, then it shows up when touching the screen edge on that area?
I just like this app and I want to get the best of it  :)

Thanks a lot

This is something Adobe bridge has:


I still prefer explorer though.
The search trick is good but only visible portion is rendered, any way to force reading entire files?

There seems to be this 3 1/2 year old solution on SuperUser
I know the search trick, but again.. I have to scroll down every 3 rows of images because windows explorer generates thumbnails only for visible area.  :-\

I have a lot of hi-res images in many folders, when I open a folder, windows explorer generates thumbnails for the images... But, because they are hi-res, it takes about 3 seconds for every image to have a thumbnail.
I'm looking for a way to generate thumbnails for selected folders without having to open them one by one and waiting for every image, also I have to scroll down to get more thumbs generated  :huh:


Thanks for help.

I put my post in a spoiler cause I'm not sure what's correct - I *think* that this board ("Finished Programs") is not actively reviewed - AFAIK it's more for requests that have been finished so it might not be checked often.

According to Skwire's dropzone page, the discussion thread for it is here:
You might get more attention Elancore if you post there :up:

The app link:


Sorry if I posted in wrong section, can you please move it?

No reply? maybe not a good idea then  ;)

Finished Programs / Re: Drop Zone Feature Suggestion
« on: February 13, 2013, 02:49 AM »
Hi Ath..
The application name is Drop Zone, its on the title :)
Sorry if I double posted.. but I don't remember that I did that.

I used to have this problem before :)

Check this:

I found DropZone a really useful tool, but I didn't like that it shows on screen all time. How about adding auto-hide to it? and then DropZone window will auto-show when we start dragging selected files, and it will auto-hide again when we drop the files. Do you guys think its possible?


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