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Hi Mouser, thank you for your reply and for FARR. I hope you find a solution.


Hi Mouser, thanks for such a terrific program launcher, FARR. I have created an alias called TC, and I used this command with environment variable (it works from Run command):


However, when I use the alias TC, FARR does not launch this program. But if I put the entire command line;

d:\Archivos de programa\Commander\TotalCmd\TOTALCMD.EXE

The program is executed. Is it possible to use environment variables inside Alises/Keywords/Groups?


Coding Snacks / Re: Window Tags
« on: April 20, 2008, 07:25 PM »
This script is very useful for me, thanks Skrommel. But could it be possible for the script to remember what program or programs are assigned to a specific hot-key, maybe using an .ini file? That feature would make your script very very usefull for me. And maybe changing modifiers and hotkeys could be made from a grahical interface. If I see those changes I would be happy to donate you a few bucks.

F0dder wrote "I don't see the point of having a lot of non-file-management functionality crammed into a file manager. I can see how archive handling and ftp support can be useful to some (though I prefer separate applications for that myself), but things like uninstall, registry editing, etc? Why?!"

Because all of those functions are part of my computer, and file management is also uninstalling an application, burning a data CD, editing the registry. For example, to add usefull shell extensions (used in file management) are made a lot easier using TC, because you can use TC panels to copy registry keys or values as if they were normal files, much more easier and faster than using windows registry editor. Besides, you know windows uninstall utility is extremely slow, and to find a program takes a lot (part of file management I think), but with TC finding the right program takes a few seconds. Task management, well with TC it becomes so easy, to find the right program, kill it, see how much memory it uses, to show or hide certain controls or windows, chage its priority, much more easy than using windows task manager or prcview (for example). I know there are programs that make these things, but if TC makes it better and really faster why not use it.

So my point is, TC makes my windows life much much more easier, so why use another file manager that just can help me to move, copy, and paste files.

Now let me tell that TC starts fast, it is stable even with the 227 plugins I have installed (content, file system, lister and packer plugins). I do not care for TC executable, as long as it does the righ job, and TC's author (Mr. Cristian Ghisler), for me he is the best.

I totally agree with JohnFredC, when he says "if you need industrial strength file management, not just easy drag and drop (and possibly you may not even know yet that you do)... go to the trouble to learn TC". In fact to learn the full potential of TC and configure it to your liking takes a while, but the effort is worthwhile. I have used it since version 3, and until now I can't say that I master all features TC offers. TC out of the box may look very simple, but you may try Total Commander PowerPack 1.7 (, wich comes ready with the best plugins.

With this terrific file manager you can manage almost every aspect of your computer, from task management, uninstall management, registry editing, cd-dvd burning, and the list goes on and on. Its plugin architecture makes it the best option for me, and as JohnFredC explained very well "The TC plugin architecture design means a user doesn't have to settle completely for the TC author's personal vision of a usable file manager".

Its price is terrific, I have not paid for an uppgrade since version 3, and it is portable (no extra price like xplorer2). TC uses a unique .ini file to store its settings, it means you can take your installation or move to another system without any concern about missing configuration registry keys. For this and many more reasons I really recomend TC, as the best.

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