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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create music with randoms on the internet? Well, wonder no more!

plink allows  you to create tones with your mouse with other people across the world. This opens a wide variety of possibilities for sound. Select different colors for different sounds and move your mouse to change the tone!

Have fun!

Living Room / Incredibox - Express your musicality!
« on: July 26, 2015, 09:47 PM »
Hello all,

I bring news. Of a swweeeeet site that lets you test out your beat boxing skillz.

There are 4 versions out, try em all and make some sweet mixes.

Mess around! Create Mixes! Share! Enjoy!

Feel free to post your mixes here!

Here are some of mine.

Dancin With The Bass - v4
Electro Bass - v3
Black And White Bass - v2

You can tell i like bass eh?


Announce Your Software/Service/Product / onEVENT
« on: April 02, 2015, 12:30 AM »
onEVENT is an event system for Linux. Basically it lets you run commands when certain events are True or False. Its fairly flexible, you can pass params to each event.

So far, this is a Linux only project. It might work in Windows i dunno.

Its base is Python and you add events to an event file that is JSON. So if you know JSON and Python you will have fun :)
If not, i have explained how to add your own events to the event file in my github repo ( which i will link to ).

Here are a few examples:

Informs me when i plug in my external hard drive. Also informs me when i unplug it.
{"on": [{"event": "exists", "params": ["/media/steven/TOSHIBA EXT"], "result": "1"}],
"action": [["notify-send","External HDD","External HDD connected! {0}"]],
"repeat": "0",
"delay": {"seconds": "1"},
"alternative": [["notify-send", "External HDD", "External HDD not connected!"]]

Informs me when i plug in my Xbox controller.
{"on": [{"event": "inputdevice", "params": ["X-Box 360"], "result": "1"}],
"action": [["notify-send", "Controller", "X-Box device '{0}' connected."]],
"repeat": "0",
"delay": {"seconds": "1"},
"alternative": [["notify-send", "Controller", "X-Box controller disconnected."]]

Informs me when i have a new file in my downloads folder. And displays the new file's name.
{"on": [{"event": "newfile", "params": ["/home/steven/Downloads"], "result": 1}],
"action": [["notify-send", "New download!", "New file in the downloads folder! {0}", "-t", "7000"]],
"repeat": "0",
"delay": {"seconds": "5"}

Uses the new RSS event to notify me whenever something happens on the Donation Coder forum :D
{"on": [{"event": "rss", "params": [";type=rss2;limit=10", "DonationCoder"], "result": "1"}],
"action": [["notify-send", "Donation Coder", "[ {boardname} ] {aposter} - {title}"]],
"repeat": "1",
"delay": {"minutes": "5"},
"iterate": "1"

These examples are only using the notify-send command on linux. You can run ANY command here, for example, if i plug in my Xbox controller i can run the xbox-drv ( xbox driver ) command automatically.

The link to the repo is here ->

I will keep this updated with stable versions of the main system and event files.
Here is a list of the events ->

You can use python  to see the help for that event. Which tells you what params you need to pass.

If you want help with setting up events, or any aspect of this program you can ask :)
If you want instant help, find me on the IRC channel for Donation Coder.  #donationcoder

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / [ AutoHotkey ] Win Viewer
« on: March 20, 2015, 04:26 AM »
The Win Viewer is a simple program that lets you 'cut' a window. You select an area and the whole window apart for that area will go invisible. The left over area will be given a small title bar which allows you to move it around, change the transparency and disable the window. This is useful for watching movies while doing other things and keeping an eye on downloads or progress of something.

I have uploaded a zip folder with the source code ( AutoHotkey ), the executable, 2 gifs showing its use and a pdf explaining how to use it.

As noted in the pdf, some windows dont fully work and there are known bugs. I will work on it if people seem interested.


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