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  • Monday January 17, 2022, 4:27 pm
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Hi all!

We did this - PhotoImp release. Shortly: it can import photos from camera, manage photos, edit and export (convert, resize).

But is it worth efforts? Need your opinion.


About our software:
One simple software to import photos from camera, organize, edit, watermark and save (convert, resize)!  Is it true? Usually the photo processing software is powerful and complicated or simple and lame.  Simple and powerful at the same time sounds like a dream.
Possibly we have found a compromise solution - try PhotoImp.

P.S. Feel safe:
Website: https://www.virustot...analysis/1375361713/
File: https://www.virustot...analysis/1375362007/


My software is on  today.  $24.20 $55.00

It is 3.1.0 version. Most of the problems are solved.

Best regards, Dmitry

Thank you for understanding. Of course its not possible to control so many listings manually. It's done automatically in a most of cases. So, if you will find some other issues with website - we will appreciate your critique. 

I've been looking for a portable PIM, and have been pretty happy with a trial version of EssentialPIM Pro that I downloaded--so I thought I'd check out your site.

EssentialPIM Pro was listed, along with a 15% discount code, but the disappointing bit was that it was for EssentialPIM Pro 3.2--but the current version of this software is 5.5

I understand that the other 19999 discounts might apply to current versions of software, but I lost interest in this site quickly after my sample set of 1 turned out to be seriously out-of-date.

In fact - the purchase link is correct and you purchase latest version. But, you right wrong version number is not good.

Hi All,

I'm glad to present you my project: Discount-on-Request service

You can find there ready 20000 discounts and request any discount for any software (if its not available at We can create coupon code for you even if there is no public coupons available.  

The idea of the service is simple:  Always look for a coupon before buying!


Post your request at our Google+ Community

or sent it to [email protected]

to 40hz: You are right - the best way is to combine steganography and strong encryption. This is something what we did in SecretLayer.

Regarding detection: its not so easy. Images done with SecretLayer are not detected yet. Additionally - to reduce chances of the detection of your message - do not load it with 100% of data. Use 15-25% of capability of the container image. 

I'm co-author of BackupSF, so you can ask any questions.

There are few main factors to take in to consideration while you select steganography software:

- Support of the jpg and png. With few nuances like small fluctuation of the file size after hiding, no "signs" or unusual symbols in the final image code) - to avoid detection.

- Strong encryption of data before hiding to the image. You can hide a True Cript container of course,  but its much more comfortably to use encryption inside of steganography software.

- Possibility to hide big files in to few images (You can't hide a lot in to one image)

24-Hours Giveaway of the BackupSF light version:


You can regularly backup 2 websites (including MySql DB and files).

Register with: 
Username: donationcoder24
Serial:  0H7AAC-PF5Q1Y-54N4P8-MJK2GG

Hope it will be useful for you and help to survive during any website crash!

No. No way. It is not secure, each steganography software have its own algorithm.

It is something new - Data Hiding (steganography) software  SecretLayer on BTJ - 15.11.2012 

Combination of the data encryption and data hiding  can be good thing. See

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