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General Software Discussion / Re: Synergy Virtual KVM
« on: November 02, 2012, 11:01 AM »
ShareMouse not good. It's from Bartels, so please see any thread world-wide where some of Bartels' products is treated, Bartels himself quickly intervenes, and in a way you won't believe your eyes. Btw, I tried ShareMouse, got a problem with it, kindly requested their opinion about it, and never got a reply. Furthermore, it's about 30 dollars plus VAT PER COMPUTER, well, for "power users", but then, almost anybody is a power user, right? I, for example, have a 10-years-old (and never updated) software by Adobe on my pc, which makes me a "power user", which means, I can "try" ShareMouse for 10 minutes (!).

So I use MouseWithoutBorders from Microsoft, which is free, even for "power users". Bartels even set up a special page within his site where he lists the "advantages" of his product over MWB, but you can resume that by "SM allows for multiple files to be copied together, and anywhere, between your two pc's, whilst MWB only allows for one such file at a time, and to be copied into a pre-determined folder". Here, you must know that both programs only work if your pc's are connected within / as a network, which means any file manager will do for as many copies and moves as you like, i.e. you don't need MWB or SM for such operations anyway. (He also claims that SM works with multiple pc's, but then, be aware that every pc for SM (and MWB) must have its own screen, and I suppose that's not what you want when you really want to command 10 pc's with one mouse and one kb.)

I would like to add that both progs, in spite of their names, are virtual "KVM" 's for your mouse (of course), AND for your keyboard, but not for any other, additional input devices you might have. For those, you need a traditional KVM, and indeed, I tried one of the more expensive ones, and nethertheless had lotsa problems with it, and on top of that, it contained a physical switch relais in its housing, clic, clic, clic for every switch, whilst from the description, I had thought that it was fully electronic. So I also mused about the possible life span of such a system, and returned it to the vendor.

So, if you don't need to connect a Mac, MouseWithoutBorders works as expected, just disable "Switch to All PC Mode" in the options - that option which is on by default can act as a bug making you lose data (that option on, you could find yourself in a situation where no mouse, no keyboard works anymore on any of your comps, so you'll have to restart them, losing all unsaved data then, but again, it's all about that option - people not aware of this could think this prog is total crap, which it is not al all, so beware of changing the option first)), but after disabling it, I did not encounter any more problems. So no need to enrich the incredible Mr. Bartels. (The same goes for his text expander - why not use AutoHotkey instead, which is free instead of costing 160 bucks.)

I had bought the thing for SOME real 2-comps uses only, but for frequent 2-comps-for-2-screens use since my notebooks don't allow for two EXTERNAL screens. So I ended up with using MWB in these cases, where I really need the second comp, but bought one of those USB-to-DVI adapters (with additional adapter to VGA), but one of the more expensive ones, with an internal and additional 128 M of memory (about 80 bucks), in order to be able to run TWO screens with ONE notebook, at last, and I am VERY PLEASED with this arrangement. It's only the mouse in mouse-heavy applications (IE8), on the second screen (and with an old notebook) that is not really fluent, so I use my primary screen for such applications, but for most applications I use, I do NOT see any difference between first (native VGA) and secondary (VGA by DVI by USB) screen, and this arrangement is SO GOOD that I now always have both screens on with my primary notebook, and, in case, a third screen, with MWB, with a second notebook whenever needed.

So please consider such an arrangement whenever possible, it's much more smooth working than with two different comps. And with modern notebooks, remember to check if they are able to serve two EXTERNAL screens at the same time, since just ONE such external screen, plus the usual notebook screen itself, means that the notebook itself, together with its keyboard, will get into your way - that's the most horrible work arrangement in my opinion.

First, I'm astonished that people are astonished about bitsdujour censorship. In fact, I've been censored there even 3 years ago, and have been censored there regularly since. You're entitled to ask why I continue to post there, well, sometimes I really want to know a detail about a product offered there, so I dare to ask for it there - instead of going into getting an avatar for the respective forum of the software in question - IF there is a forum -, and instead of sending a mail, fearing that it will not be answered in time. 80 p.c. of my questions there - having become rare, as well as my buys there -, are censored.

Yesterday and today, they have censored another one of my questions, and it intrigues me really - not bits, but the possible answer to my question, so I post it here again, kindly asking you to give your ideas on that matter.

Besides, after posting there, I've had the afterthought - since, remember, they just charge a software fee, not a monthly or annual fee, so they simply cannot have servers to do anything with your data on a continual basis - that their software simply and probably sends your data into such a mixup thing like TOR or something, which is free anyway, but their software would HIDE this fact from you, i.e. their software is a GUI hiding your TOR (or something similar) participation. Of course, there might be other possibilities.

My original question was, with respect to Hide IP Pro (on offer today):

Without giving away your trade secrets, could you comment a little bit about the way your product works? One of your competitors has very bad reviews since it's called extremely slow. So I wonder...

Your IP address is needed for the other site in order to answer you, which means, to send data back to you. So any IP address "hiding" must find other means.

First, we have proxy servers. They work this way: You send your data to the proxy server, which knows your IP address (in order to charge you resp. to count back your monthly data volume, AND in order to answer you); the proxy sends your request to the target site, with an IP from the proxy. The target site sends data back, to the proxy, which means, to that particular IP of the proxy; the proxy then sends you this data it has received from your target site.

Which means, no criminal offences because your "anonymity" is all relative: If you commit crimes et al., the proxy will give your real IP and identity not to the target site, but to the authorities.

Since all your traffic must  run thru the proxy, two times, in each direction (and some processing within the proxy, for replacing your IP, etc.), those proxies charge a monthly or annual fee and mostly have some monthly max. bandwith. I also suppose that the more such a proxy charges, the faster you'll get your data (since sufficient proxy servers for the data stream); if you get if for just a few bucks, they simply can't have enought bandwith.

If you want that for free, there's the alternative of mixing up many pc's, including yours, as a common "server", and mixing up all data for thousands of people, so that the target site doesn't know to whom the data sent. This is very slow and very unreliable, but for criminals, it has the "advantage" that there is no one commercial proxy to give away your identity, whatever you do.

Now for YOUR concept. You charge a one-time fee and say it's NOT a proxy. So what is it, how does it work, since, again, the target site or some technical thing in-between, call it a proxy or whatever, must "know" your IP in order to send data back to you. Curiously, googling for such systems only brings sites of your and of competing products, without any information what way these products work.

Some people in the web say you'rs best, within this range of products, but I don't dare rely upon such a thing without having the slightest idea how it guarantees my anonymity - if it simply HID my IP address, I wouldn't even see the target pages, so there must be more about it.

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