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J-Mac, if you ever want to do it the other way round, use Treepad: Install the Treepad trial, export from MI into TP, then import the TP file into UR: Works like a charm (whilst being illegal). But as you've seen already, UR's export facilities are much less than its import facilities, and you can't blame them: They facilitate new customers' coming to them, but then want to retain them.

Interesting here, PersonalBrain, or, as they call themselves lately again, TheBrain: Here, it's almost impossible to get data INTO their software.

Now, I often mused about their possible reason for this: Hate of new customers? Nope. Let's say you have 10,000 items to import. In UR, this would be a breeze (no, not the import, that takes ages, but afterwards). In MI, it would show some stability problems (after importing that is) - not so good. In fact, MI was very unstable in version 5, and it's again buggy as hell in version 6 - all new sorts of bugs (= absence of proper sw engineering?).

Now back to PB/TB: If ever you had a chance to import 10,000 items into it before buying, you'd probably never buy it!

I know they show some carefully prepared monster maps in the big advertizing and propaganda section of their site, but of course you won't manipulate these, just look and say, ahhhh!

Whilst with material of your own, you'd quickly realize that managing big maps is a terrible chore in PB/TB. So you just trial with those some dozen of items you'll enter manually, and some of yours are sufficiently pleased to buy from this very limited experience.

Hence my assertion: The absence of serious, valid import in PB/TB is by purpose. Back to MI: Here, it's just the same sloppiness and lack of design and programming you'll encounter at every detail of this program.

In, a certain Susi just asked for very heavy duty sw of this kind. Well, she ended up with MI (which also clearly shows the level of advice you'd get there were you in real need). Good luck to her.

Hence, J-Mac, be happy with what you've got in UR and don't try to put it into lesser sw that could give you some headaches further on. If it does, remember how to re-export, as explained above: That move out at least will be easy (and surprisingly reliable).

Which makes me wonder if TP might be a valid solution for some. (Ok, it's ugly as s***.)

As for MI's AS import, well, any macro can do this, and would also preserve your text formatting, which their AS import from Switzerland doesn't - but that's a country on the decline anyway.

General Software Discussion / Re: Synergy Virtual KVM
« on: December 31, 2012, 05:12 PM »
Renegade, you missed that one - you should have read my post (just above the "Please drop it" one). ;-(

I took the liberty to notify this UR discussion to kinook here:

General Software Discussion / Re: Two classes of membership here?
« on: November 24, 2012, 09:19 PM »
Wiener, you left out the punitions part, where paying customers can be cut off from any help if they dare say something not finding your approval, e.g. praise a competing product or criticise yours.

Oh yeah, people coming to you with their Photoshop problems, I almost wet my pants. No sir, you simply apply all means at your disposal to hide the ugly fact that your product isn't superior to those you can buy combined without reaching the price of yours alone: x2, XY, SC. Do as you like, but don't take us for debrained imbeciles swallowing your claim (to put it in a friendly way instead of speaking plain English) you're afraid of simpletons mistaking you for an information bureau. That would be too insulting, Wiener.

(Sorry for the edit but the figure "swallowing" instead of "taking" was absolutely mandatory here.)

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