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I hope it counts:
I've bought desktop lamp lately and "Safety usage" instruction says that I should not remove a bulb without help from "qualified electrician". Now I wonder is there any kind of certificate for "Bulbs exchanging procedure" ;)
It is written on the same paper that I can't neither put bulb into my mouths nor sink the whole thing in water. This sentence makes it more serious imho.

Being honest: I've always thought that special precautions should be always made for kids and mentally ill people. Seeing the growth of "safety instructions" for simple things makes me worry that the world is getting stupider day after day.


Hard to say it doesn't suck ;)

InstantAction currently supports:
Mozilla Firefox 2
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 6
Windows XP
Windows Vista
-Info screen

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox 3 Released
« on: June 17, 2008, 12:05 PM »
It has just started and servers not working properly :o
Looks like too much teasing from Mozilla.

2Perry Mowbray
You've got a point. I've took a look and the only thing left to complain is its "fancyness" ;)
It was hard to know what tab I am in.

Nice finding after all.

What advantages above free SEO Note does it have?
Judging from the site: fancy look only (but I might be wrong).

Living Room / Re: Opera 9.5
« on: June 13, 2008, 05:01 AM »
Opera has big potential but it will never beat that Firefox  is easier to learn for average user. I've started my "adventure" with it since 6.x version and the only thing which always come to my mind after finals is: they should kick out the person responsible for marketing.

Does anyone ever seen releasing final version just two days after RC? Being honest: in reality it is less than one day because the rumour about RC has to spread out.

Opera has a lot of features that nobody knows. They focus on adding features but rarely manage to finish them completely.

Example 1:
AFAIR Opera offered filtering addresses via urlfilter.ini file. Later it evolve to RMB option called "Block content" BUT usability of it is questionable. Only real geeks know that this one exist. Is it so hard to give visible toolbar button for it by default? This way users could learn about pretty quick.

Example 2:
Synchronisation tool could be killer feature but they managed to break this one too. There is no possibility to decide which way your bookmarks should go.

For Opera to send your stuff to the server, it goes through all your bookmarks and speed dials, puts them in a custom XML format, and sends it through a secure (https) connection to the server. The server will then store the items in its database. When another Opera with your login name comes by, Opera does the same as before, but the server will also look through what it already has to see whether something is different between the database and the new data. If there is something on the server which was not in the data Opera sent, it will return these items to Opera. Opera will then merge this with its own bookmarks.

When you add, modify, or delete a bookmark, Opera will store this status. Every so often Opera will connect to the server and repeat the synchronization process, this time sending only the changes to the server. Again, if the server has something new for Opera, Opera will get this back.
-Opera Dev Blog

There is no possibility to clear up server stored bookmarks. There is no way to decide that your desktop's order is more important.
I had took a look on this feature more than half year ago. Because of crashes I have downgraded Opera to stable version. Now there is 9.5 "final", so I've decided to try out sync once again BUT it sucks.
During the months of waiting for 9.5 I've managed to categorise all of my links, (make a groups, proper tags, shortcuts) and I've changed my Speed Dial couple times. Thanks to sync tool I can end up with total mess. My desktop PC is always gaining total mess from server and server retrieves additionally duplication of existing bookmarks (but with categories). My Speed Dial is always overwritten and there is no way to prevent that (except copy/paste backup). None of sync checkoxes works properly...

Safari doesn't have real extensibility.
Firefox is very slow on my machine after adding dozen of plugins (oops: extensions) to have similar set of features as Opera. Even "Paste and send" requires additional module!
IE - not even worth a comment.
The rest are front-ends for IE (Maxthon) or Gecko (KMeleon) and they inherit pros and cons of others.

Sadly: there is no browser for Windows OS which could satisfy all of my needs (lot of complete solutions and small requirements). I think anyone has not to decide "on what side I have to be" but rather "for whom should I complain" ;)

General Review Discussion / Re: Best spreadsheet
« on: June 12, 2008, 05:50 AM »
I can recommend Gnumeric because it has a lot more functions available than i.e. Excel.

Full list of features can be found here:

The only thing which makes me worried is: only 256 columns supported. So you have to be careful if you want to transpose some data.

BTW OpenOffice Calc has the same "problem".

Total Commander can show you differences. You have to get inside one archive in first panel, inside the second archive in another and choose "Synchronise directories" option from "File" menu.

Unfortunately that is all for handling. Packing RAR files (or repacking during synchronisation) seems impossible because this kind of compression is copyrighted and each software author should pay for this feature.

StarUML has "Java /C++ / C# Profile, Code Generator and Reverse Engineer":

Living Room / Re: does anyone know of this winamp plugin?
« on: May 27, 2008, 07:35 PM »
This should answer your question:

Living Room / Re: Why do children love CAPS LOCK?
« on: May 25, 2008, 05:27 PM »
Leet or occasionally misspellings / errors are not bad. The most irritating situations are these when adult people are trying to sound like kids. I understand that IF you've got a girlfriend it might be sweet sometimes, but not for whole of the time (for god's sake).

The other thing what can be irritating is making intentional orthography / grammar errors. I understand that Polish language can be hard to learn. I understand that some English phrases cannot be translated correctly, but writing Polish words like it was an English one is what makes me angry.

"Oh my God!" means "Boże!" in Polish which sound like "boshe". It sounds similar. Unfortunately: many people write it "bosh" instead of proper version using IM clients. I know that education system got worse BUT these idiots live in Poland whole their lives and spent about 10 years in schools learning how to avoid such errors...

And a head-shot for the end: same people are using so many smileys that in real life they probably would break their necks.

Living Room / Re: What annoys you to no end?
« on: May 23, 2008, 07:10 PM »
I know that even butterfly can make a tornado. I know it is not just about floods but... some prophecies for GW are too ridiculous to me (i.e. why should I worry about temperature going up).

I do not claim that I understand GW better than "hundreds of scientists". But why it is so "trendy" to talk about it? I now that it might be true but why it is so hard to find out arguments for other side? The only thing that comes to my mind is that it is very simple to get refund for searching for deadly topics. If you ever wonder can giraffe kill a man you will never gain a grant BUT if you will yell "Every giraffe is so mad that can kill a man" then you will get $$ and few people may believe so. Well, you can even prove them that they didn't spend a cash for nothing.

Personally: I do not believe GW is man made. Whole humanity exist too short period of time to have such big influence. I know that there are many dangerous things but I am looking through history:
Some time ago whole earth was covered by ocean.
Some time ago there was one land only.
Some time ago whole earth was covered by jungle and pretty big lizards.
Some time ago whole earth was covered by ice.
Some time ago it was well known that next Ice Age is coming.

During all of it there were periodically weather changes around the globe. It is not something new.

After all whole GW case seems so ridiculous for me as being vegetarian not because of health problems.
Unfortunately too many people just repeating what media told them without any doubts. We can discuss in this flame topic after all because being a dog is always better than a sheep;)

PS. Opera spellcheck rules.

Living Room / Re: What annoys you to no end?
« on: May 23, 2008, 06:11 PM »
- People who say that rules are for breaking.
- People who will never agree that they made mistake / bug / error. Incompetent fools. >:(

Global Warming
Scientists talking that melting the Polar Ice Cap will make whole world in flood. They don't even know that an ice has less density than liquid water. If you put ice cubes into glass and fill the rest of it by water, even if the ice will melt, it will never go outside container.

Little correction: not WHOLE site is russian. Right "EN" button works for "Player" page :)


Maybe try this one:

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