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ecaradec is there any chance you could add the ability use an html file as the readme file. I tried using readme.html but its not being launched however readme.txt works fine.

WOW!! This does sound very promising indeed. I think we might need you to kick it off with an example though  :D

I had another idea for this that i think would make it even more useful.
A lot of people are concerned about plugins using up memory and resources.

One thing i could do with a bit of work is make farr able to load a special kind of plugin that is a dll or even an exe program that basically is launched ONLY WHEN IT IS INVOKED, and then is closed as soon as the farr display is switched away.

So in other words this would be like an on-demand loaded plugins, loaded only when invoked, and then unloaded right after.

I would be ok with this as long as it DOESNT slow down the speed and execution of the plugin in exchange for less memory usage. The reason i have fallen for FARR is that it continues to push the boundaries of what this type of application can become especially with some of your more recent additions. Imho if the cost of those additions is another 10-20mb then so be it. If you want an absolutely lean 250kb program that launches apps and a little more then FARR can be setup for that and there are also more then enough vanilla apps that can do that. Just check FARR's help file. Also if you dont need/use a specific plugin dont enable/install it :D. By no means am i advocating that FARR turn into bloatware and i think currently it is FARR from it however i dont think mem use specifically should be a primary concern in future development. I would rather development time go towards alias histories or ui improvement :)

Amazing work as usual. Cant wait to try this out.

Thx :Thmbsup:

this one entry, FARR displays 'Alias hibernate'. Only the second invokation triggers the command.

this behavior happens if at the first time you hit enter, the alias is not fully spelled out.  so the first time you hit enter it is autocompleting the alias.  so: hibern -> [ENTER] -> hibernate -> [ENTER] -> launch

personally i like this behavior BUT i can definitely see how people would prefer farr just launch it straight away and that that would make more sense perhaps.  i will either make an option to do it that way, OR make it work like that period.

hmm, correct me if im wrong but i was under the impression that the functionality to automatically launch an alias with only a single result was added a few releases ago  :huh:. So for your example above hitting enter once would launch the alias which i though was great. However im all for making it an option.

Not sure how detailed you want to get but here is my suggestion from an earlier thread:

I vote that the alias/plugin should have the ability to set the size of the window although just as the with all other plugins the user should be able to overide this setting. As you suggested earlier the ability to set the sizing for a specific url would be even better.

If going down this path i would suggest some type of html options page where the user could save a specific regex url mask with the following options:

-window size & position
-keyboard focus
-pre-processing file (file/script to send html to which would in turn return html that would be displayed. greasemonkey style)
-post processing file (file/script to run after launching url)

More options could be added/removed as needed along with a set of default standards.

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