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Whoa! Big weekend for FARR  :Thmbsup:.

Regarding the file extension restrictions it might also be useful to be able to specify which file extensions NOT to include. I found this useful when setting up Locate32 where for example there were only 1-2 filetypes i didnt want to include and include everything else. Maybe by using a "-" before the extension i.e -bak;-tmp. Def not a priority for me though.

WOW  :o

Great job with the non-contiguous searching. I know this is going to be one of those features where we dont how we ever managed without it  ;).

Find And Run Robot / Re: Hotkeys & FarrQuickView
« on: July 24, 2008, 08:28 PM »
"Global" hotkeys are already there. The currently selected text is available via %cliptext% and "Copy selected text" (see Preferences > Lists > Hotkeys).
You can find an example in the screenshot which is appended.

I am aware of %cliptext% variable and the hotkey section however i just mentioned the clipboard keyword as part of a bigger workflow.

Mouser i know you're a busy man but could you think about adding a %currrentresult% type keyword. I think it would come in really handy. Oh and local hotkeys as well  :D

Find And Run Robot / Hotkeys & FarrQuickView
« on: July 23, 2008, 08:20 PM »
I think it would be extremely powerful to add functionality to the hotkey system that supported special keywords or variables in the "Text for search box field". For example you could add a variable/keyword for the currently selected item. This way you could bind a hotkey to perform a certain action on the selected result by using the that item as an argument in combination with any of the many aliases or plugins already available.

Possible workflows could be things like searching for a specific file and then hitting a hotkey to email that file, zip it, delete, rename it, etc.. Or say you are browsing URL's you could hit a hotkey to show that file in FARR's internal browser. You could also add different variables for things like the clipboard contents or currently selected text. With these variables you could do things like highlight a word in your browser or editor and hit a hotkey and have FARR popup with the definition/synonym of that word using a plugin.

Off the top of my head some keywords could be:

<selection> - currently selected item in FARR or the first result
<next> - item after the the currently selected item
<prev> - item before the the currently selected item
<clipboard> - would substitute for clipboard contents
<enter> - trigger/launch result or action
<cursor> - where to place the cursor. could be useful when needing some user input
<delete> - keywords could be added/shared that perform a specific action by using 3rd party tool

The text could look something like:

email <selection><enter> (where email is an alias)
igo <selection><enter>
igo <next><enter>
define <clipboard><enter>
<selection><rename> - where rename could be an action keyword

I would also imagine that you would need to add an option to specify the scope of the hotkey i.e. global or local. Local hotkeys would only work within FARR whereas global ones would work from anywhere. This could also be expanded to work with plugins similar to how a plugin alias file works. Plugins could then specify hotkeys in a hotkey file that only works within their plugins and have certain plugin specific functions. Keywords/variables could be created for certain actions that could be shared like aliases.

Another really cool features would be a toggle switch (i.e igo <selection><enter> +toggle) or option. This would allow you to toggle between states. So say the currently selected item in FARR's result list is a bookmark, you hit a hotkey and it opens the url up in the internal browser. You hit the same hotkey and it returns you to the result list. You could then also use hotkeys like <next> and <prev> to move through results while in the html view. So in the example above say you have 9 urls listed in the result window. You hit a hotkey and the first one opens up in FARR. You hit another hotkey to move to the next url or another to move back to the prev one.

This all leads up to another feature request of course :D

FarrQuickView: which would allow you to quickly view the selected result in FARR, similar to total commander for example. I would say this is almost possible now with the new html mode. You could pretty much view any file type using it similar to how you can open up most file types within internet explorer (txt, pdf, mp3, html, xml, etc..). This is also an example of where the toggle switch could be used. This way if you're searching through files etc and want to quickly view the contents you could hit the quick view hotkey, view the file, use another hotkey to move to the next or prev file from the result list and then finally hit the quick view hotkey again to go back to your results list. Functionality could be added to better handle specific file types if needed although the html mode is pretty powerful to begin with. Lastly, for this feature it would be great to display a header or footer with some meta data about the selected item (i.e. size, date created, path, type, etc..) perhaps even file type specific info.

Armando: Yes the max results you can get at one time is 8 currently however i will probably add an option to get more in a future release.

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