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Living Room / Re: DonationCoder Recipe Sharing Thread
« on: June 05, 2013, 05:07 AM »
I would go with FAKE ROASTBEEF!!!
Easy & Fast, but looks like if you had been all the day in the kitchen...
* A roastbeef (the piece of meat of your choice, I do not know how to call meat pieces on English, but google says go with High tenderloin, I would call it "lomo alto")
* Onions, about 5 large onions would suffice
* Salt, white & black peeper, garlic
* Sweet wine (I love it with Porto's wine, but my girlfriend prefers it with some Muscato wine)
* A pressure cooker
* 45 minutes or so...

We will cook everything on the pressure cooker, so we reuse the same oil and clean less later ;)

Pour some oil and quick fry the garlic. Remove the garlic and keep the oil warm.
Then you pour salt & peeper on the meat (as much as you like) and sear the meat with the oil (do not cook it, seal/sear/brown the piece, it must be slightly cooked in the outside, but totally raw on the inside).

Remove the meat and, add the onions (cut it in cubes) and let it cook. When it becomes brown, add the meat again, add the wine (about 1/2 - 3/4 liter, depends on what do you require for your cooker), some grains of white peeper and close it for the time your cooker requires.

When it finish, remove the meat and beat the liquid left (this would make the onion give more consistency to the sauce and remove big pieces) and it is ready.

Do not forget to hide the pressure cooker and put it in the oven before your guests arrive, so it will look like you did it on the oven!!

Congrats for the good work!

On my side it is difficult to exercise (interesting times ahead), so not using the lift, parking further from the office, and giving a walk is all I can do...

I'm in (I did not see the thread before...), but because I began with this 3 weeks ago, this is a great way of motivating myself...

A little late to the party, but I'll explain how I do it:
i) I use FARR to launch, and have a couple of directories with links to tools (to make FARR run faster)
ii) When I want to search a file, when i remember part of the name, i use everything

How would I like FARR to index? Easy, I would love if FARR scanned the directories configured on startup (or maybe a subset of them, a check to cache...) so my tools folders would allways be indexed and work blazing fast, and when there is no match (or I dealy on clicking) it'll keep on searching on other folders...

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