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Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 19, 2012, 03:34 PM »
Looks like it's also working for me now in v3.7.1. I tried the dock/undock with various capture modes that caused me issues in v3.6.1 after undocking: Selected Region, Active Window, Screen (current monitor). I'm no longer getting the access violation, or false or hung captures. Looks like you got it. Thanks.

There seems to be some inconsistency in the behavior of permanently deleting files from the Screenshot Panel. I generally use SCC to capture multiple screenshots for documentation of a particular issue or purpose. Once I've completed documentation, I like to clean up the screenshots keeping my working directory relatively clean.

To delete the images, I generally select the screenshots from the Screenshot Panel by selecting the first screenshot using the mouse, then selecting multiple screenshots by holding the Shift key and selecting the last screenshot in a range to be deleted. I'm selecting the files the same as I would if I were using Windows Explorer to delete them. After selecting the range of files, I hold the Shift key and hit the Delete key on the keyboard. In Windows Explorer, this by-passes the recycle bin and permanently deletes the files.

In SCC, performing the same mouse and key stroke sequences most of the times presents a dialog box confirming the deletion of the files and movement to the recycle bin. I expected that by holding the Shift key while selecting the Delete button that the dialog box would confirm "permanent" deletion of the files, not send them to recycle. I can get them to be permanently deleted sometimes by unselecting the files and reselecting the files and hitting the same keystrokes. I would expect that the same mouse selects and key strokes should yield the same results each time, but it doesn't for me.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 13, 2012, 09:23 AM »
Mouser, sorry didn't mean to create confusion, was hoping to reduce the confusion by presenting the results from various screen capture modes. What is consistent for me is that I can reproduce the 'access violation' error everytime using 'Selected Region' capture mode after undocking using dual monitors and the 'primary' monitor shifts from the external display to the internal display. What I was trying to show with the other scenarios was that I was not able to reproduce the 'access violation' error with any other capture mode.

Sounds like Ath's experience is similar to mine with some of the capture modes. E.g. After undocking and choosing 'Screen (current monitor)' mode, the edit window is displayed (based on config) but nothing is captured. Maybe if the Selected Region error is corrected, there may be something there that could be impacting the other modes.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 12, 2012, 11:56 AM »
I tried several scenarios. For each scenario, I first docked the laptop, executed a screen capture, undocked the laptop, executed another screen capture. Here's what happened for me for each scenario on the second (undocked) screen capture

- Selected Region - 'Access violation' error as described above
- Screen (current monitor) - Screenshot Captor window presented, looks like a screen capture occured, but nothing captured. After hitting hotkey again, the full screen is captured and displayed as expected.
- Complete Workspace - screenshot of full screen captured as expected.
- Active Window - most of the time this worked, but once or twice the taskbar icon turned red like it was in capture mode, but nothing else appeared to happen. In that case, I had to exit and restart Screenshot Captor.
- Fixed Region - worked as expected

So, I only get the 'Access violation' error dialog box on the Selected Region capture, but there was some other unexpected behavior associated with others.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 11, 2012, 04:45 PM »
I was about to create a new topic before I found this post thread. I am experiencing the same issue with a different address in the error message. For me the error is 'Access violation at address 004B4948 in module ScreenCaptor.exe. Read of address 00000004.' I am using SC v3.06.01 on Win 7 Enterprise SP1. I am able to consistently replicate the issue.

Like the others here, I initially thought the issue had something to do with coming in and out of sleep mode as that was when I seemed to experience the issue. I've been able to replicate the issue without invoking sleep mode. For me the issue occurs on the first screen capture after undocking. To be more specific, I also have my PrntScrn hotkey mapped to 'Grab Selected Region'.  So the first time I hit the PrntScrn button after undocking, I get the error. The behavior for me is identical to that for dlprice. I get the cross hairs and as soon as I try to draw the region box, the error occurs. After clearing the error dialog boxes, the error recurs if I again try to draw a region box while the cross hairs are still present. If I hit the ESC key to dismiss the cross hairs, then subsequent presses of the PrntScrn key don't error.

When docked, I use dual monitors, the primary monitor is connected to the docking station and the secondary monitor is laptop.  When I undock, the primary monitor switches to the laptop screen. Perhaps SC gets confused about which monitor is which on the initial capture.

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