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Pulled the latest version and confirmed that the Thumbnail filenames are no longer getting truncated. The filenames and thumbnails appear to be resizing properly as the panel is resized. I noticed that you corrected the "Unselect" popup text to match that in the Edit menu.

Also noticed the addition of the "Apply" button in the Preferences dialog box. I notice that pressing the Apply button, that the dialog appears to be restarted (closed and opened). I like being able to apply the changes without having to re-open the dialog box like it was previously when there was only the option to "Accept". It seems to be working for me so far.

I had a weird one happen two or three times today. After pressing the Shift-PrtScr to capture a region, I have the main form display as my default, but the Preferences box also showed up in front of the screen capture. I don't know if it's becuase I've been doing testing and may have left the Preferences dialog open and not realized it. I'm not yet able to reproduce it consistently, but will let you know if I can.

Will wait to test any of the other ones if you have time to fix before the release.

A couple more little things I noticed this afternoon:

1) Quick Capture Bar - When docked and hidden, mousing to the top shows the bar, left clicking on drop downs show the lists, but
--a) the bar can disappear before anything in the drop down is selected. It should continue to show until something in the list is selected or the user mouse clicks somewhere off the bar
--b) if nothing from the list is selected, and the cursor is moved away from bar, you end up with the drop down list still displayed with the bar hidden. Even mouse clicking ot activate other windows does not remove the drop down list. The only way to remove/hide the list again is to click on a selection in the list.
2) Quick Capture Bar - Can't seem to grab and move the bar when left mouse clicking on and around the word "Then" in the bar
3) The keystroke shortcuts are listed in the program menus. The way they are listed is not consistent. Most of the time the keystroke command is right justified in the menu, but there are many places where they are listed next to the menu item text (e.g. the Edit menu, Select All Ctrl+A, Copy Ctrl+C, Paste Ctrl+V, etc.). It would be better visually if they were all right justified in the same spot.
4) The keystroke listed to "Unselect" in the Edit menu shows Ctrl+D, but Ctrl+U in the popup box for icon in the icon bar. Also, the Edit menu says "Unselect" and the popup says "Unselect All"

Thanks for the quick reply. You didn't mention #3 of mine above. Is that a bug or expected behavior?

I downloaded last night's, or should I say really early this morning's build. Wow, 3:20am this morning, how do you do it?  A couple of things I noticed:

1) Saving object settings across reboots seems to be working for me now in the *.zip portable version. Thanks for killing that one, it was a pain to have to reset them each morning to my preferred values.
2) I was going to report the %num0% not working to always force an incremental number until I went back and read your comments about changing it. I changed back to using %num% and it works fine. What do the %_num% and %bnum% options do?
3) I didn't know about the "Switch to Object Selection Mode...". I unchecked and now I can add multiple highlight boxes at once. I did notice one thing that seems inconsistent with what I expected. If I uncheck "Switch to Object Selection Mode.." but leave "Highlight Current Selection..." checked I expected that after selecting and drawing the first highlight box (drawing selection, then selecting Highlight Mode) that I would stay in highlight mode to add subsequent highlights. That's not the case, it switches to Object Selection Mode. If I first go to Highlight Mode, then it stays in that mode. Not sure if you consider that a bug or not.
4) I don't know if I noticed this one before or not, but the filenames in my thumbnail panel are getting clipped off and not showing the full file name (see attached). My current filename convention is "Screenshot - YYYY_MMDD XXX.png" where XXX is the incremental number for the day.

Screenshot - 2013_0307 005.png

bubba, regarding #1 not saving between reboots -- i stand corrected!  i just found and corrected a long-standing bug preventing settings saving on reboot.  thank you for your comment about this.

Thanks for correcting the issue with the saved object settings across reboot. I will download the latest version and see if it's working for me. Can you confirm that the fix includes the SCC portable *.zip version?

Regarding your suggestion to use %num0% to generate the incremental number counter e.g. '001' regardless of whether there is a conflicting filename did indeed work for me. I would have had no idea that this was an option since it was not included in the Available Fields in Preferences.

Regarding navigation of the Preferences hierarchy, let me know if you can address it and I'll do some testing.

Finally, one quick question, is there a way to add multiple picture objects to the screenshot (e.g. highlight, arrow, or text box) without having to select the object button each time an object is added? Almost like a sticky approach that if you double click the object button it would remain selected even after adding the object. This would help improve the efficiency of adding multiple objects to the same screenshot.

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