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Deleting files from the thumbnail panel changed between v4.00 and v4.01. All through the beta and up to release v4.00, I was always able to delete files permanently (bypassing the recycle bin) from the thumbnail panel by first selecting the files and holding the {Shift}+{DEL} keys. This is the standard key combination for permanently deleting files using Windows Explorer. Using this key combination, the pop-up would confirm that I wanted to permanently delete the files. Just selecting the {DEL} key would confirm delete and send to the recycle bin.

Starting in v4.01, holding the {Shift}+{DEL} doesn't provide the option to delete files permanently. There seems to be no way to bypass the recycle bin as in prior versions. Can you restore this functionality if it wasn't intentionally removed?

I downloaded the latest version. I noticed the following:

1) Using Ctrl+A now works to select all objects in Object mode. This allows me to quickly select and delete all objects. Thanks for correcting.
2) I can see that count number for the "modified (XX)" count now shows the count number. I'm still having sometimes the last ")" being cutoff. It doesn't happen all of the time, just sometimes. I'm trying to replicate the steps that cause it to be truncated. I'm not sure if it's when I come back to a screen capture after having selected a different capture.
3) I had a scenario where I applied multiple Undo's and got back to Modified (0), but kept hitting Ctrl+Z and had modifications from other captures applied to active capture. Will try to replicate again. Are the modifications only saved for the current capture or the current session? So if you go between captures in a given session are all modifications saved to each individual capture until you close the session?
4) I have "Switch to Object Selection mode after new object" unchecked in order to place multiple objects. This is working correctly for me. The question I have is that when I've placed several highlighting objects, and while still in highlighting object mode, it doesn't appear to be possible to modify the width / length of the box. I had assumed that since placing the box the yellow resizing circles are present, that I would be able to hover over the circles of the object just placed and be able to resize it. Doing so, does not present the resizing arrows. This may be by design, and if so it's a little confusing since it appears that the object could be resized. I would prefer to be able to resize the existing object or place a new object.

I downloaded v3.29.01. I’m getting excited for the big v4.0 unveil. Since you are focusing on objects and object selection, the following seem inconsistent with other windows programs that may help with the user experience if you would consider changing.

1) The new "Modified" count in the lower right corner is only readable when the window is maximized.  Otherwise the text is truncated and only the word "modified" can be seen and the actual count is cutoff.
2) Selecting multiple specific objects in Object selection mode is accomplished by holding the Shift key and selecting each object. I'm used to using the Ctrl key in most other Windows programs.
3) In Object selection mode, using Ctrl+A does not select all of the objects, but rather draws a selection box around the entire screenshot. In order to clear all objects from the screenshot it would be helpful if Ctrl+A selected all added objects so that you could hit delete to delete them.
4) When selecting a highlighting rectangle object in order to move the object to a new location, the mouse needs to be placed directly over the line in order for the cursor to change to the move mode. This can be difficult when the line width is narrow. It would be better to change to move mode as soon as the cursor is over the object. It looks like it works this way when there is an Inner Color is specified, but doesn't when Inner Color is unchecked (which is the way I have mine set to default).
5) Thanks for adding the Border Width to the Text Box object. I use it often. It would be more consistent to have the Border Width property placed just below the Border Color as you have in other objects.
6) Would it be possible to add other standard highlighting object shapes besides just the circle and rectangle, e.g. polygon, star, diamond, etc.?
7) I've mentioned before the inconsistent rendering of the object selection box when drawing a rectangle to select multiple objects.

let me ask though -- it does select the right things when you let go of the mouse right?

To answer your question, Yes, it does select the right things. However, when it occurs I generally find myself abandoning the selection and restarting the select because the selection box does not appear to be drawing correctly. Sometimes after restarting the selection or restarting the selection from a different anchor point, the box gets drawn correctly. It would be better from a user's perspective for this box always be drawn as a box. Also, shouldn't the selection box be a dashed thin line, not a solid thin line to be consistent with other selection boxes?

I'm getting used to the new feature of autoselecting the last selected object when going from Object Selection back to Normal mode. I'm not sure I like having this always be the default action. I do like the feature to double click to get in/out of Object mode. This seems to be more how I would have expected it to work. Although I seem to be in the habit of trying to always hit the <Esc> key to get out of Object select mode instead of double clicking to get out of the mode.

Not sure if you've answered this before here or not, but when in Object selection mode and you attempt to draw a box around multiple objects to select them, the outline of the box that is drawn on the screen many times looks really funky, not a pure rectangle. As you move the mouse around the objects while holding the left mouse key, the shape even morphs as you go around different objects. It's confusing as I'm not sure if I'm goint to get all the objects selected.

I've captured what I'm talking about in the attached screenshot. See the thin black line that gets drawn on the screen as I try to go from lower left to upper right to select all of the red boxes?

Screenshot - 2013_0311 013.png

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