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Screenshot Captor / Re: Update Portable but keep configuration
« on: July 19, 2013, 09:45 AM »
I use the portable version as well and have always unpacked to a separate directory and reset all of the configuration options. This will save me some time the next version or in beta testing. One quick question for you.

What happens if there are new options added to the Preference settings that don't exist in the previous version? Do the new settings get created automatically in the .ini file the first time the new executable is run?

Yep, that get's closer to what I was expecting. I didn't see or explore these options previously. I was focusing on the settings in the Post Capture Options section, and didn't think to look in the Quick Bar and Post Cap section. Maybe the Quick Bar through me off.

With the settings you've outlined above, I can now click once with the mouse on Copy to Clipboard to dismiss the dialog box and copy the image to the clipboard. This also creates a saved file of the image. Is there a way to do the same without saving a file, just copy to clipboard?

Pressing Alt+C will also copy to the clipboard and dismiss the dialog, same as left clicking the button. Wouldn't Ctrl+C be better? Or, did you stick with the Alt key as a modifier to maintain standard dialog behavior?

Also, I noticed that using the quick Copy to Clipboard option, the drop shadow Post Capture Effect is not captured in the image. This is listed as an Improvement in v4.5. It does not seem to be working for me in v4.5.

I apologize in advance if I missed it, but how do you use the new feature in v4.5 to save to clipboard without saving file using one key? I tried setting the Interface Options > After Capture to Pop-Up Choice Dialog, and Post Capture Options > Copy To Clipboard to Image Bitmap (strange wording since I have my Default Image File Format set to PNG, perhaps this should just say "Image" to reduce confusion).

When the Pop-Up dialog appears, I select the "To Clipboard", then "To Clipboard:Image", then the red close button. That seems to do the trick to copy the image to the clipboad without saving the file. But it takes three clicks to accomplish. I had expected a one-click or one shortcut keystroke action that would copy to clipboard and dismiss the dialog box all in one action. Is this possible, and I'm just missing something? Or does it really take three clicks?

Thanks for your help.

Mouser, you may already be aware but the main web page still shows "Latest Official Release" as "Download v4.3". You may want to update this to v4.5 to eliminate any confusion.

The lines that I'm referring to are the lines that are visible at the time the image is being captured using the "Capture>Grab Selected Region" and "Capture>Grab Fixed Size Region" options. I think the box you are referring to is the selection box that appears in the post capture editing.

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