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Thanks for the quick reply. It seems less intuitive the new way. Also, it seems to go against the concept of "precision capture" to require multiple simultaneous keys to be used. In the v4.9.3 version, after setting the approximate start position, I could be completely key driven after that, pixel by pixel. In the new version, it seems to require the mouse to be involved after setting the start position to offset from that position. Even trying the new process, I'm also getting weird results where extra columns of pixels are added in the capture that weren't part of the selection.

I can't recall which version this new precision "nudging" using arrow came in, v4.9.2 or v4.9.3? But when it did, it vastly improved Selected Region capturing for me. I know no one likes change, but in this case I think the change made things more complicated. And the OP may not even have been aware of the existing functionality to get pixel by pixel precision using the process I described.


Seems like there is a regression in the Selected Region capture in the latest beta compared to the previous version. I am trying the new beta version of SSC and found the recent changes for Selected Region capture to be confusing. My workflow for capturing regions in v4.9.3 is as follows:

1) Use the mouse to place the cursor in the approximate location of the upper left corner
2) Use the arrow keys to fine tune the starting position to a more precise location
3) Press the spacebar to start the region capture
4) Use the mouse to place the cursor in the approximate ending location of the lower right corner
5) Use the arrow keys to fine tune the ending position to a more precise location
6) Press the spacebar to complete the capture

I could skip step #4 if the ending location was not far from the start, and just proceed to #5 to moving to the end position using the arrow keys. What I really liked about this workflow is that the keys were used for precision without having to involve the mouse. This same process doesn't in the same way in the new beta.

Since this is a beta, I assume you are open to suggestions for the final release. Why not keep the existing capability for selection using the process described above and alter the ability to "nudge" the selection using the special modifier keys?

Arthur Menu,

Would the description of my process in v4.9.3 help you with more precise capturing?


What do you think, next version?

Screenshot Captor / Re: auto-select next file viewing
« on: September 12, 2013, 02:43 PM »
It seems to be working for me. This is a big help to me as I am generally deleting screenshots in the middle of the thumbnail list. To do this I use the keyboard arrows and shortcuts to select and delete images. Prior to the change I would have to rescroll all the way back to my position in the list. Now I can just pick up where I left off, or navigate to a new position in the list from where I was.  Thanks for the feature.

I agree with you that using the keyboard arrows to nudge cross hairs during capture would be a "bit odd" when used in conjunction with the mouse. That is if the mouse is still the only way to initiate and finalize the capture. What if a keyboard shortcut could also be used to simulate the left mouse click to start the capture?

The workflow could then be to use the mouse the locate cursor to the approximate starting location, then use the arrow keys to fine tune the starting point, and then use a shortcut key to anchor the actual starting point. You could then use the mouse to locate the approximate end point, use arrow keys to fine tune the location, then use the shortcut key to finalize the capture.

The spacebar would be an ideal shortcut key for starting / ending the capture. Since you are already using the spacebar to allow the starting point to be relocated, using the 'Ctrl' key may work just as well since it's accessible by the left hand while the right hand is on the arrow keys. You could either require the shortcut key to be held down during the process, or press/released for the start and end points.

So we're talking about nudging the location of the cursor right? Not nudging the starting location selected when left mouse was held down?

I'm not sure I understand the difference here between "location of cursor" vs. "starting location". Maybe my explanation of the workflow above helped you better understand what I was thinking. If not, just let me know and I'll try to provide more detail.

Regarding the cross hairs, I'm glad to hear that you are open to using solid lines for the region selections. I think it would help. I just wanted to reaffirm your point, rather than making the line a fixed color, making the lines appear as the inverse of the background color should take care of the 'blending' issue.

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