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Living Room / Re: Slower Planes And Charging For Bathrooms
« on: August 04, 2013, 06:02 AM » answered by "No Attendant, I will be pissing in this water jug here!"

For those considering this option, I recommend that you practice first and that you be acutely aware of the volume of your chosen container.

While aircraft mini-wine bottles measure around 170 ml and aircraft water bottles might be as large as 330 ml, you may find that during practice a 500 ml bottle is still insufficient. :P ;D
You say insufficient. I say economy urinal.

Living Room / Re: Domain Name Registrars
« on: August 04, 2013, 05:57 AM »
Your inspiration apparently has good timing. Maybe it really just wanted to make sure you saw that.

Wouldn't the need for those patents have to start before it could end?

Besides this wouldn't work for any of the patents I've read (and that's quite a few). "A bunch of vague stuff that's not new... do it with a computer " isn't code. Well it's code for bend over and grab your ankles but it's not computer code.

LaunchBar Commander / Icon problems with FileContents nodes
« on: August 01, 2013, 11:35 AM »
As part of the project I mentioned on the Easy Screencast Recorder thread I'm attempting to create what I'm calling a System Bar for Windows. The basic idea is to reimagine the (IMO severely outdated) Start Menu and Control Panel. I'll be creating a separate thread to get general input on it but I've suddenly run into a strange issue creating menus from text files.

I should probably mention this is on Windows 7.

The menu items in FileContents nodes suddenly started showing me incorrect icons. Instead of the icon I specify (using the /icon argument) every menu item displays the file handler icon you would see in a file manager. Here's where it gets really strange though. It didn't start happening until after I set the file associations for various standard image formats to XnView. At first I suspected XnView was at fault but it turns out the same thing happens if I associate the file extensions with MS Paint or GIMP. OTOH if I set it back to the Windows default (Windows Photo Viewer) that fixes the problem.

Here's an example when Photo Viewer is set to default:


And here's what it looks like when I change it to XnView:


This doesn't affect any other type of node. In fact it doesn't even happen to the icon set for the node itself or icons automatically extracted from an executable in the text file - just icons set using the /icon argument. A (semi) educated guess would be that they are being processed in a file system context for some reason rather than actually being opened.

Here's the NirCmd menu with various programs set to default for opening ICO files:

 Default-PhotoViewer.png Photo Viewer (Windows default)

MS_Paint.png MS Paint

XnView.png XnView


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