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Uh, what else? I'm really into music and I love everything from Jazz to Hip-Hop to Metal to Breaks to Classical and everything in-between. I collect headphones and build A/V ICs for friends. Right now, I'm listening to some Fats Domino through my AKG K7XX. Before that it was Biggie, and before that it was some Bach. Next up is a Nina Simone album called To Love Somebody.

Funny you should mention Fats Domino and Bach. I play bass, and I've got my son (a drummer) working on learning I'm Walking, although my favorite of his is probably Blue Monday. Some time in the near future we'll be shifting gears to some Bach - well, sort of...

^ Are you talking about Goop?

If it looks like solid Crisco then that must be it.  It's been a long time since I had a roll-around toolbox.  I got out of the racket in the 1980s.  I remember it was considered expensive by the management.  So they would substitute this cheap green stuff with abrasive.  Not good during the winter at all.  :)

Must have been Goop then. I would imagine the other was one of the soft soap Lava type deals. The abrasive would have been pumicite.

Honestly, when it comes to just straight up grease, it's hard to do better than Dawn dish soap. That whole "takes grease out of your way" ad campaign was surprisingly truthful. Not that there's anything, short of an acid bath, capable of getting all the grime off a mechanic's hands - or under their nails.

^ Are you talking about Goop?

With a cheater bar over the breaker bar.

If by cheater bar you mean a piece of pipe then yes, I've done both. Actually motorcycle front fork tubes work wonderfully for that. (Speaking of which...) Did you know that the lug nuts on the passenger side of a 64 Dodge polara are left hand thread?? I didn't ... And I snapped 2 Craftsman 1/2" ratchets and split 3 sockets before I figured it out.

Yeah, for a long time Chrysler corp. had this weird idea that if the lugs were Left Hand Thread on one side and Right Hand Thread on the other somehow loose lugs would be less likely to spin all the way off while driving.  A bizarre idea.  It was a real pita because every time you trained a new guy to bust tires you had to watch out for him snapping a couple of lugs off the LHT side of those cars with the impact wrench.  Some of those engineers must have been ahead of the curve when it came to water pipe usage.  :)

There's certainly no shortage of incompetent engineers out there. A friend of mine had some great stories about one of his co-workers. They were both chemical engineers who designed pumping stations, mostly for rural water systems. One time this guy (the co-worker) decided that when he replaced the siding on his house, he was going to use sheetrock because it was cheaper and easier, and should insulate pretty well. He figured as long as he used greenboard, it would be fine.  :huh:

On the subject of automotive oddities, though, are the old 6V positive ground electrical systems. They weren't unusual in their day, but, aside from International pickups, I haven't seen too many of them that haven't been converted.

In other words, they're using the DMCA in exactly the way it was intended.

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