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The ^lichen method would actually be a very good approach, although current GMO abuses with Franken-foods have given the subject of genetic engineering a bad rap.
Yeah, GMOs... ask the Thrints what happened to their food animals, the frumious Bandersnatch, that their genetic engineers, the tnuctipun, created for them...  ;D

Frumious Bandersnatch broke up in 1969. Most of them went on to play with Steve Miller. Ross Valory and George Tickner also became founding members of Journey in 1973.   :D

I would also suggest to use the Windows 7 installer instead of the XP installer. Because that installer will not burden your hard disk with hard disk alignment problems like the XP installer does.

Seeing an 8MB chunk of unpartitioned space at the beginning definitely makes me think it's a Windows install problem. I ran across a similar issue when I had to replace a NT 4 Server install with the Terminal Services version. Specifically, it had to do with an unsupported drive (actually RAID) controller. Normally, if you told Windows to use the whole drive, the installer would leave 8MB of unpartitioned space at the end of the drive. However, because the IBM controller wasn't supported until at least SP3, it put the unpartitioned space at the beginning of the drive, and before the actual partition, instead.

Had I provided the driver on a disc, when prompted during Windows installation, it would have worked fine. Of course, IBM didn't bother to mention anything about it with the documentation, and finding anything on their website was practically impossible. In fact, they didn't even ship the driver disc with it. I ended up using a Win 98 boot disc to partition and format to FAT16, after which Windows installed normally.

I started having that problem with Gizmo's Freeware a couple years back.

so did I. But I assumed it was because of my many addons for Firefox, so instead I subscribed to their email, and automated the use of Internet Explorer. But now I am on a new old computer, so I forgot.

Funny you should say that. I came to the same conclusion. I actually tried disabling them 1 at a time back then, but didn't figure it was worth actually uninstalling anything over. Apparently I was right, since it wouldn't have fixed the problem anyway.

I wonder if anyone has ever pointed this out to them.

I don't think anyone has; the Contact-page has no contact, only adverts.

So you're saying we should report that first?  :P

I started having that problem with Gizmo's Freeware a couple years back. In my case at least, the problem appears to be a complete lack of CSS. That wasn't always the case, but since it started, it's been completely consistent. I ended up adding an exception for the site to HTTPS Everywhere.

I did go ahead and try it out in both my desktop and mobile Firefox, and I get the stripped down page in both. Then I found the issue. The external stylesheets (and apparently some images) are being served via regular HTTP. Turning off mixed content protection solves the problem.

Well it answers the question. It only solves the problem if you consider trading up for a bigger problem to be a solution. I wonder if anyone has ever pointed this out to them.

General Software Discussion / Re: Fax Software
« on: May 09, 2015, 10:00 PM »
...Many programs assume they can write files in the folder where the exe is.  I usually create an .ini file for my AHK programs in the same folder as the AHK utility.  From Vista on the system has gotten progressively more persnickety about writing to Program Files folders.  To avoid running everything As Administrator on W8 I took ownership of all the files in the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders.  It's a pita.  If the error occurs in XP then it is likely some other issue.
It is not recommended o take ownership of either all of C: or the Windows folder.  Just in case anyone was considering that as a quick solution.  :)

^ That's why I install almost all software to a custom folder instead, although that obviously doesn't solve every permissions issue.

^^ +1 for that. I've tended to do that (install to custom folders rather than in Program Files) more and more over the years, to combat the increasing lengths the user has to go to, to defeat the growing number of seemingly unnecessarily restrictive system "security policies" and bugs therein.

You, sir, have a gift for understatement. That may be the single most effective strategy for eliminating bizarre access errors, especially if you have any software that's getting long in the tooth.

I do, generally, let Microsoft software install in the standard folders. I've never actually run into problems sticking any of their programs elsewhere, but their installers almost always put some files and folders under Program Files no matter where the main install location is. I figure splitting things up like that is more likely to cause problems than solve them.

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