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Thanks jpaigva, i will try this new version of ProcessKiller.

To brotherS,

I do have AutoRuns on my system and i don't have these processes in the AutoRuns list. But periodically these processes kick-off

I am sorry, I think ProcessKiller is not from skrommel

Thankyou jpaigva, ProcessKiller is exactly what I am looking for.

Also thanks to skrommel for writing such a utility.

Is there any way, i can use the ProcessKiller for morethan one process. Because in my system there are 4 EXEs which are not needed to run but are always running. I cannot/shouldnot uninstall them.

Curretnly all i can see in one processkiller instance can be used to kill one process only.

Any suggestions ?


I want to just KILL the process

Thanks ...I will try those

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