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Thanks Jpaigva for the clarification.

I created a EXE using ahk2exe but when i run it nothing happens.

Could somebody check this code and tell me if some thing is wrong.

; To kill some tasks prior to running any CPU-intensive apps
; Date: 18/03/2006
; Modified from its original version due to a request in DC forums
; Refer: hxxp://
; Adjust path to PsKill as necessary...

#SingleInstance ignore
DetectHiddenWindows On
SetTitleMatchMode 2   ; not sure if needed but just in case.

;declare all unwanted processes
;just processes' name will do
ToClose =
( Join|
;MsgBox %ToClose% ;test var

;Close AllChars, CLCL, AVGamsvr, AVGcc, AVGupsvc
Loop, Parse, ToClose, |
  ;MsgBox, Process #: %A_Index% is %A_LoopField%. ;test var
  Process, Exist, %A_LoopField%.exe
  NewPID = %ErrorLevel%   ; Save the value since ErrorLevel often changes.
  If NewPID <> 0          ;
    ;MsgBox Process %A_LoopField%.exe is found, with the process ID of %NewPID%. ;test var
    Run, C:\MyPrograms\CommonApps\SysTools\pskill.exe %NewPID%


Hi Lanux

I Installed AutoHotKey now

is this the right way ...

;declare all unwanted processes
;just processes' name will do
ToClose =
( Join|
AllChars     ; InoRT.exe
CLCL         ; InoTask.exe
avgamsvr   ; xyz.exe
avgcc       ; your process goes here
avgupsvc   ; your process goes here

Thanks for your help Lanux

Thanks Lanux for the code.

How do I use this code.... I mean how can i convert this code into an EXE file.



The first one didn't work either.


I am currently using the batch file which has the following line ...

taskkill /F /T /IM InoRpc.exe

This works fine, but i wanted to avoid manually clicking. If possible I want to have a program which monitors for these processses and issues this type of command to kill them.


Actually those processes are not spyware. They are Antivirus related software and my company installed those on my system and I should always have them. Even if i disable the services, they are restarted by the network Admin.

I wanted to kill them because they eat up all the memory and CPU while actively running.

On the other hand there is one other process from Real player installation which adds it self to the Auto start items.

Finally, jpaigva, i was not able to kill these processes using your ProcessKiller. Looks like the processkiller finds them but when it tries to kill them the CPU usage shows 100% and neither processkiller nor the antivirus process go away.


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