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I agree that an FTP server should have a GUI especially for the average user, this is the reason why I had stuck with Raiden but still played with ioFTPD. I just thought I would mention it as it is a Win32 FTPD; I didn't really see it as being a real contender in this community, but it is used by many. Hopefully the new version with the HTTP interface will offer more.

I haven't tried Blackmoon in a few years, but at the time I was searching for something to settle on, it didn't meet all my criteria, and I think that may have been price. I need to look into that again soon.

ioFTPD hasn't been mentioned.

If I recall correctly, the developer had been hired by Inicom, who also had hired the developer of FlashFXP. A new version is in development (and has been for some time) including a rewrite of the whole core. His main focus is on speed and security, but it is highly scriptable and offers a lot from the community.

It is relatively difficult to configure and maintain with no GUI; everything is done via file editing and client commands. The new version is supposed to use a web server backend for configuration. The ioFTPD community do I say...interesting. Despise GUI's and despise those who ask for help on the forum but have not added that they are an ioFTPD registered user to their profile. Thus they don't offer help until you are shown as registered and ban them for thinking they are using a pirated version if they don't.

The other server I have really used and liked was RaidenFTPD. Although there had not been a lot of development for a while, big feature additions have been added recently including a remote control.

Thanks nudone for restating that Drive Image reboots to DOS to clone; when I read your first reply, I wasn't sure how it worked properly lol. I haven't done cloning much lately, but when I did, always used the boot CD anyway. If I recall correctly, I thought Ghost would reboot into DOS system if the partition was the Windows drive.

This topic and another sparked my interest in creating my own custom boot CD with a few utilities (incl. Ghost and True Image) along with WinXP & Win98se.

Btw, my favorite ink manager is Linkman (; it also exports to HTML, which I forgot about and need to look into again.

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« on: March 29, 2005, 05:53 PM »
I have always received great help on Suggest a Fix ( regarding hardware issues, system and spyware problems, and HTML help.

I was going to append backup software to my list (if possible). :)

I agree there should be two separate categories for backup software: drive/partition cloning and file, incremental etc.

I would be very interested in your guide mouser. I have used Ghost for cloning, but have not really found a "file" backup util that I've been impressed with...or maybe my workflow is just not very good. Right now, I'm using ~50 batch files to backup program settings/profiles and becoming more tedious every day. lol

nudone: does drive image allow you to restore a clone of the system drive/partition (with windows on it)? This is usually why cloners require you to boot from CD to restore.

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