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This was - emphasis on the was - not an OS drive, just a USB external storage drive. 


So I dismantled the drive housing -

Stop! ...God I'm retarded...

It's a USB Drive ... So if the USB controller goes poof (and they tend to) ... It can/will make the drive (which is actually perfectly fine) appear to be torched. I just went through this a few months back with a clients 1TB backup drive. In the externel USB case it appeared to be for all the world completely, unreadably, fried. However.... Out of the case connected directly to a computer ... It worked perfectly. I'm still using it.

Take another run at it now that it's out ... You might get lucky.

Ha! Ha!
You have made me recall an incident while I was a teenager...  :-* back to the time before Win95, I was using floppy drive. I remember I have angrily thrown into my dustbin a dozen or more floppy disks and only find out later it was my floppy drive that went out of alignment... it simply can't read any disk... 

Even if that is true, it is too late a good news.
I think in few years to come, mechanical HDD is going to phase out, all of us will be using SSD

To rescue data on HDD with bad sector, the best tool to use is Norton Ghost. In your case I think you can get back almost all of your data, but you will need a pair of 1TB HDD. With the right setting, Ghost the whole HDD (the one with bad sectors) to a 1TB HDD then restore it to another 1TB HDD. That is it.

I have witness a 2 days non-stop backup of a bad sector HDD (its condition is much worse than yours) by Norton Ghost, the result is a full reclaim of all data... it is simply that powerful.

Hi fenixproductions,

According to what you have described, it resembling my recent problem with one of my Steam game. All other Steam games (and non-Steam games) work except for one. Steam integrity check shows failure and re-download the corrupted file does not solve the problem... guess what it was caused by HDD failure. My HDD has just started to develop few bad sectors and one of my Steam game's data file happen to sit on the bad spot.

May be you should check your HDD first (HDTune is a good utility to do that).

Thanks for the interesting link.
So, I am not only giving up capacity, I too am risking to loss my SSD sooner (than if I use ordinary HDD)...
But just like someone in that discussion, I think, I am too, I don't think there is a way for me to go back using non-SDD drive for my Windows and programs.

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