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I have tried and then gave up upgrading to Evernote ver 4.xx the latest version (Why?) and I am now stuck with Evernote ver 2.xx

Evernote ver 2.xx has:
1. Tag notes and the tags can be arranged in a tree structure.
2. Super-fast search on notes.

but not the below:
3. Ability to further search inside a note itself or navigate through found items within a note.
4. Highly customizable user interface, e.g. user defined fonts, background color etc.

I know this forum has been a hot place for many to discuss about note-taking programs... could anyone suggest another utility for me to replace Evernote ver 2.xx? I mean it ought to have at least 1., 2. and 3. as mentioned.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Shortcut Key Article
« on: July 12, 2012, 10:43 AM »
I use True Launch Bar and MacroExpress Pro in launching most of my frequent use programs. Both handle hotkeys combination [Win] + [Ctrt] + <key> very well.

[Win] + [Enter]/[SpaceBar] for True Launchbar
[Win] + [Ctrt] + E for IE
[Win] + [Ctrt] + G for Genie Backup Manager
[Win] + [Ctrt] + H for HyperSnap
[Win] + [Ctrt] + O for Opera
[Win] + [Ctrt] + S for SyncBack SE
[Win] + [Ctrt] + V for Visual FoxPro 
[Alt] + [num INS] for Comfort Clipboard
and many more ... (I hate MS for seizing my [Win] + [Ctrt] + P keys)

The above is typed from my memory, I suppose I am born with special memory to quickly and easily remember many hot keys or shortcut keys :) ... come to think about it, I also remember and use a different set of hotkeys inside most of my frequent use utilities like EmEditor, Total Commander etc.

I have 2 very frequent use programs launched by mouse-click via MS Mouse IPOINT utility. I launch Total Commander with MS Mouse's big side button and middle button is reserved for Listary.

For less frequent use program I find them (by typing accelerate keys) from the True Launch Bar menu.

In brief, I hardly click to launch a program and I usually dislike programs that are not keyboard friendly.

I would be interested if anyone has any ideas as to how you could identify/prove the source of such an outgoing call from an add-on, other than the hit-or-miss process of elimination that I employed.

Knowing exactly who is the sender and thus able to block outgoing traffic is supposed to be the job of a firewall -- a software firewall like Outpost Pro. This is the major reason I do not use a hardware firewall (generally speaking, one which is made available in a modem or networking switch) which is hopeless in filtering outgoing traffic.

If you use Outpost, just disable the Windows DNS Client Service and that will force every single outgoing traffic to use Outpost's service (for DNS request). You can then tells exactly "what program" is trying to call home... It is the "Should I allow" or "Should I block" game that I often play with Outpost firewall.

Try it and you will like it.

The calculator that comes with Windows 7 (and Vista, I think) will perform MOD operations.  Change the view to "Scientific" or "Programmer".

Man... how could I miss the mod button. Yes you are right the mod is there.


I am tired of trying to seek and test...

Could anyone recommend a good scientific calculator for Win7 (No online-calc, thanks.) which at least supports MOD ... (Just in case) e.g. 8 MOD 3 gives 2 :)
It will be better still if it is a 64 bits program.


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